Gmail for Android to get pinch-to-zoom and swipe-to-delete in next version (video)


  • Is This Bb10?

    Anyone who puts images, fancy layouts, and fancy fonts in the body of an email is a fool. Email is meant to be plain text. Keep images in attachments.

    • WP7Lova!

      How about commenting on the feature, not one edge case of its application. So arbitrary.

    • Wilbour

      Every corperate email has graphic integrated with text.

  • Khav

    I hope the Gingerbread version will get this update as well.

  • Ron Mexico

    About time they added pinch to zoom

  • Dan

    Even my BlackBerry has pinch to zoom text in email.

    • Pinch2Zoom

      That’s great!
      Now all you need to do is find the “Pinch to RELEASE-BB10” and save RIM!

      This is exactly the problem with RIM: all the competitive advantage/s that they used to have will be gone in the next 6 months, if/when they release BB10.

      TOuch Keyboard, will be as good/better? than physical one
      Best BB mail-features: added in iOS, android W8, by Macrh
      Synched mail?: Gmail and iOs will have it by then.

      The only competitive advantage that BB has over the other ecosystems is “Secure email”
      But March is 6 months away and they might have it by March.

      The time to choose your ISP and HAVE TO STAY WITH IT, because you didn’t want to change your email address are gone. you can switch ISPs without issues with gmail, iOS and BB now.

  • Ben

    What does it mean when it says Archived? I take it it’s not deleted, simply removed from my Android device, and still in a folder somewhere in my Gmail?

    • Gustavo

      Hi Ben, it means you just moved it from your “Inbox” folder to your “All Mail” folder.
      AFAIK, Inbox and All Mail are labels, and you can still see all those emails from your android device, just hit Inbox on top -> Show all labels -> All Mail

    • Chalm

      Weird that Gustavo got a thumbs down for trying to be helpful. I agree, it’s a label so archiving won’t delete. It’ll appear in “all mail” in your gmail account. If you sync that label on your phone it will stay on your phone; otherwise, if you don’t sync the “All Mail” label (I don’t), you will only be able to access archived messages when connected to the internet in your gmail app or via, for example, your computer’s web browser.

  • Wilbour

    Can’t tell you how many times I pinch to zoom in Gmail and expect it to enlarge. Would be nice reading email without searching for my glasses.

  • drone

    YES! Finally!

  • MrMarvelous

    Woot finally! Lol, feel like iphone users waiting for basic functionality like copy/paste.

    This is something that was definitely missing from gmail.

    • Chalm

      It’ll come with the new gmail app and, as hinted with this article, might only be available with Android 4.2 devices. Those of us with ‘legacy’ 4.0 devices (sigh) might be out of luck. I would be surprised if this update went to the Gingerbread version of gmail.

  • a

    Looks like the option to zoom out of an email is still not available.

    • Mary Poppins

      That’s what I would like to know… Will I finally be able to zoom out of these aweful HTML emails?

  • Glitch

    Nothing against Google, but this should’ve been included in the core OS version of GMail since 2.1. Good that they finally got it, will definitely be a sigh of relief from many, many users.