BlackBerry 10 L-Series device shown on video in software walkthrough


  • Wishes

    <3 wohooo bb10 <3

    • tonka

      looks like an iphone..might as well get an iphone.


  • Betty

    cant wait to pre order this!

  • HikerCA

    LOL, and now not shipping until MAYBE March? Who in the world, other than RIM, still cares? People have moved on to products 2 generations further along. Let this be a lesson, REAL companies SHIP!

    • Johentie

      2 generations further?? ok there buddy!!! so the iphones and S3’s have Snapdragon S6 chips? with 8 cores?? cause that would be 2 generations further u dumb a*s..

      u do know that dual core is still the norm right? quad core optimization hasn’t even been completed yet!

      mann people like you are just ARGH.. i just wated 2 mins of my life replying to you

  • John


    they already said q1, and that means quarter 1 ends in march. dumbaZZ

  • Me

    iPhone demo?

  • Johentie

    i dunno how people say it look like the iphone!?!?!?! the iphone is old boring and stale!!!

    the amount of home button pressing u have to do on an iphone is STUPID!

  • Wilbour

    Yes this is BB10 – Before you even ask!

  • j

    Oh this is that phone they’re releasing in 2014 eh? cool…

  • Shenzen

    is this the bb10?

  • HikerCA

    Hey Johentie, OSs in shipping product are the only measure consumers go by. You know consumers. People that actually walk in store and BUY products. BB10 is vapourware until it ships. Wow and it only took 20 seconds to reply to your tirade 🙂

    • Johentie

      uhhuh.. i’m sure that’s all consumers go by.. most people on this blog are consumers arent they? and those are not the measures a lot of them go by.. especially me.. i have an S3 and i am bored of it already..

      bb10 looks fresh and a brand new way of using a phone..

      unfortunately people like you just don’t understand..

      the consumers your talking about are the mindless tards that get conned into buying stupid products by customer service reps when WALK INTO A STORE!

    • Johentie

      and u still haven’t answered why bb10 is 2 generatons behind the other devices out there…

      cause u can’t.. have u used a bb10 device? have u held one? have u seen the final specs? cause if u didn’t your statement is invalid!

    • G – man

      You can only laugh at people like this. They don’t know a platform from an OS, get all impressed with specs, don’t understand that the biggest engine in the world with a crap transmission ain’t going anywhere.
      Hikers a good name – lost in the woods.
      People that think it looks like an ifone think everything looks like an ifone. They don’t know their cell phone history – who’s zoomin’ who?
      Lotta good laughs at the trolls today…: )

  • Paul

    @HikerCA….as John said Blackberry never promised the phone early in the opening quarter. Only the anaylysts were the ones to ever say that. BB is still on target with what THEY said when they said 1st quarter of 2013. Before anyone says they have delayed before, yes they have, but we shouldn’t buy into analyst hype when they are probably shorting the stock so they can make money.

  • No1B4Me

    I like how it says accidental posting. Companies “accidentally” leak their products before hand all the time to drive up interest.

  • zo

    Meh I thought it would of been better the body of the unit.. Also why cant thy get rid of “BlackBerry” on the phones and keep the logo instead everyone knows the logo and knows its a house brand. I still hope it looks better cuz it just looks like a mini playbook and no it doesnt look like an Iphone dunno why ppl say everything Iphone cuz it doesnt if you remember wen BB came out it was long and curvered corners Apple took that s**t from RIM etc.. Apple didnt create nothing they bought companies that did, and marketed as they made it but you sheeps eat it up.

    • Johentie

      removing the blackberry logo would be like saying apple should get rid of the apple logo on the back of iphones…

      it’s the CARRIER branding that is annoying when they put them on the phones..

    • Geoff

      Johentie, you may want to read that again. He said get rid of the words “Blackberry” and KEEP only the logo. Which would be exactly like Apple does. I agree with that, personally. The logo by itself is more stylish and everyone knows it.

  • Ted

    By the time this is released, it will need a 6 core processor, 15MP camera and a 1080p screen. Hopefully RIM gets this right…what are the chances of that happening?

    • Geoff

      I know you’re being facetious, but I’m not entirely convinced that a 15MP camera will ever become the norm for a cell phone. Not because it isn’t possible, but because the pixel count basically has diminishing returns in terms of usefulness to the average consumer. The smaller f-stop is a much better area of improvement because the biggest issue with pictures from your phone is how well they handle darker, indoor situations without having a xenon flash. People aren’t generally looking for super large picture files that they can print as posters, and pictures that size tend to be unwieldy.

  • JV

    well i hope BB launches well. They have managed (it look like to me from the video) to make a OS that is different, and can be a new option for people who want something outside of WP8, Android, and IOS. There keyboard seemed very interesting to me, i wouldn’t mind looking at that, and maybe using it for a week. Knowing from experience im pretty sure the apps would cost double or sometimes 3 times what the apps cost on android or IOS, so that’s a bit of a bummer. However i remember BB being a fun experience and LOVED BB messenger (and still miss it). This seems like a new alternative to whats out there, and if this device has even twice the battery life of the phones already out there i know i will consider switching out and giving this platform a try once again. Hope it works out RIM… i am cautiously optimistic. 🙂

  • Hooligan

    Great looking phone,would love to get one

  • migo

    The more I see it, the more the look is growing on me. The renders don’t really do it justice.