LG Optimus G teaser wants to ban the impossible, prefers hyperbole (video)


  • Dalex

    Besides pushing the spec war yet again, what will this phone do that we thought was impossible… It’s still going to run that lame LG UI. Its still going to be shiny glossy plastic. Its probably still going to be abandonned when any new Android versions come out. Stick to washing machines and TVs LG.

    • ZeeFAIL

      LG phones have decent specs, but it seems IMPOSSIBLE for them to release/Update their phones with the current version of Android and to release the updates on time.

      Buying an LG phone is buying a phone that will have no update, then you just have to buy a newer phone if you want the next version of android. making the phone IMPOSSIBLE to re-sell, and Impossible to keep for over a year.

      For that reason it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to buy an LG phone. Sony and Motorola are Impossible too.
      I will simply buy a Samsung:
      Samsung Nexus S: Released Dec 2010- Jelly Bean avail.
      LG Optimus Black and 2x: Rel May 11- ICS MAYBE..this month!

      XDA has ICS, but with limited sales, comes limited support, and a crappy re-selling value. Nexus S still sells for $160

  • Mr Mystery

    I’ll save all the usual rhetoric and just say, if it’s LG I’ll pass.

  • GetwithIT

    is this the iphone 5 or bb10?

    • Geoff

      If I said yes would you buy it without any further thought?

  • Danny

    d*****s @Dalex the phone has a glass backing you knob!!

  • JC Denton

    By that logic, LG should ban themselves, because it is impossible for them to make a phone with decent support.

  • MikeMike

    that is one sexy looking phone

  • GGG

    From what they claim, the battery life sounds promising.

  • 6billiondollarman

    This phone better be able to cook dinner…

  • Obstacle-Man

    I love the smell of false/hyperbolic advertising in the almost afternoon.

  • Miknitro

    It’ll take awhile of good press and owner reviews before I even touch a LG again.

    LG, decent hardware, and lucky if it’s not riddled with bugs and all but abandoned after being sold.



  • D

    I get why a lot of people hate LG because of previous mistakes, but I think they are really making an effort to change that around. I have the Optimus LTE and I truly love it; it’s solid, it looks classy, and it is running 4.0.4 (I’m not really hoping for JB on this device though). I would definitely be willing to give LG a chance with this G series.

  • Quinn

    If this were not an LG phone I would be interested… The specs are nice and the phone itself looks like it could be sleek in person. However, there is an offchance they have stepped up their game since previous Optimus devices, but I’m not going to spend $500+ to find out.

  • Miknitro

    Great comment Quinn.
    I have a hard time believing their changing anytime soon.
    They’ve been ignorant of their support since WM6.5, yes mobile.

    LG burnt their repeat buyer bridge long ago.

  • Henaway

    Rectangular … rounded corners. Looks like a crApple lawsuit field day! LOL Is this the iPhone 5? You sure? I can’t tell the difference across a crowded room at 40 feet. Ah, just had to get all that hating out of the system. 😛

    … we now continue with more serious comments.

  • mattprime86

    I think I’m buying this phone and rooting the Shit out of it for CM. Don’t give a fffuuu what the software is like.

    • Sam

      i know i would too, but the dev supported is important too. like for my gs3 i can get update almost every night

  • Shab

    An unlocked bootloader on this would make this a pretty solid enthusiast phone.

    The specs on this thing are future-proof as can be, so as long as the software side of things are solid, this could really be a successful device.

    I hope LG does things right and can get over their past mistakes.

    Sidenote: My LG TV is AWESOME!

  • Sam

    Probably the coolest Smartphone ad i have seen, Good job LG, now i hope your phone is good too.