Rogers to release the LG Optimus L3 for $124.99 outright


  • TJ

    Can you unlock this and use on Wind Mobile ? Does it work on AWS spectrum ? I might go for it if I can use it on WM 🙂

    • Alan

      Even Huawei Astro is better than this one.

  • Threecube

    Time to sucker the 16-24 year old age group into signing a 2 year contract to only save $125

    • 45

      Even if they do, the most they could pay as a cancellation fee is the $125 anyway.

    • Quinn

      Exactly, contacts really aren’t as scary as they once were now that you just have to buy out your phone as a cancellation fee… Which, as 45 said, would be $125 or less… So on the offchance your phone lasts for the whole 2 years, why not sign the contract?

    • jack

      and if u are with fido, there might even be a chance that you have to pay absolutely nothing!

      had 2 customers in 2 days get their cancellation fee waived because of an issue with fido systems. usually when a customer buys a phone, the cancellation fee will be produced automatically on their accounts. but due to this error, no cancellation fees were put on. so customer service basically cancelled their contracts for 0$. they both had samsung galaxy nexus.

  • Nik

    pretty reasonable…

  • Corey

    LTE just went live in abbotsford if you’re on rogers

  • vn33

    Ugghhh .. LG !
    Burn me once … not gonna burn me again !

  • JustMeAndMe

    nice device for this category. too bad that the screen resolution is so low…


    Rogers sucks.

  • tj

    Can you use it on Wind Mobile after unlocking ?