Update: Samsung has to pay $1,049,393,540 in damages to Apple for patent infringement, official statements released


  • metoo

    20 page jury form with 700 questions in 33 categories. The jury was required to reach consensus on any ‘guilt’ findings and then determine damages for each.

    Does 1.5 days of deliberations see a little fast to have 9 people agree on all of that?

    • HaHa Samsung RIP

      Sucks to be Samsung.

    • SAM

      OHHHHHHHHHH SAMMIE OH SAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FANBOIS?


    • FANBOIS?


    • Bobblehead

      If Samsung wins = right verdict, proper process, courts dignity upheld

      If Apple wins = conspiracy, process flaw, court is biased

    • Just sayin’

      Is this the Galaxy S4?

    • Mathieu

      American jury ruling in favour of an American company?
      Actually I did see that coming!

    • BoothGuru

      samsung just got slapped

    • Shamu

      I have been a long time iphone user going back to my 3GS with Robbers and most recently sporting my 4S with Telus. Apple is acting like a big baby. They didn’t invent the touch screen and they clearly are not the technology leader. They are acting like and bully and no one should support a bully. My 4S will play my music, I am buying a Samsung Galaxy 3 this morning to be my phone.

  • mike

    Apple has to pay samsung $20 royalty per iphone sold because Apple sucks. and pay $100 million to pay for samsungs legal costs for wasting samsungs time. and pay $30 MILLION for court costs. and $50 million dollar fine for wasting everyones time.

    • Thomas

      Haha thank you for that! Lightened my day a bit

  • AIden

    Apple ugh..

  • nope

    apple must be extremely full of themselves if they think people actually want to copy them

  • Will

    “Apple specifically declared that Samsung has knowingly copied the iPhone’s design and the look and feel iOS. Both companies have requested the court for damages, Apple seeking a whopping $2.5 billion and ***Samsumng*** for $450 million.”

  • Eric

    All this energy and money wasted for phones… there are people starving in the world and war happening in many countries. Soo F-in Sad!!!

  • jPhoneUser

    whow tat was quick. market is closed for the weekend, i guess that will avoid crash for either sides.

  • wizardry

    People don’t want to copy Apple, people want to avoid Apple. That’s why there is such thing has Android and the other mobile operating systems on other phones.

    I don’t know why Apple is such a p***y. They dominate the mobile market.

  • superfly

    It doesn’t matter, all the jury and the judge are partial to Apple and the iPhone. So Samsung will 100% lose….but not because they are guilty, but because Apple says they are guilty.

  • Al

    I don’t know why Apple is such a p***y. They dominate the mobile market. — Wizardry

    Except they don’t. Samsung shifts far more phones than Apple. About 3 or 4 times as many to be more precise.

    • Rob

      It’s easy to ship more phones than Crapple.. they only sell 1 model once a year…..now lets sell multiple models all year. Who’s the marketing genius now?

  • briggs

    I suspect this jury will be sent back. no way they got through 700 decisions that fast.

  • Wtf

    It looks like the jury is siding with Apple. I feel disgusted to live in this world, tbh.

    • briggs

      wait for samsung’s readings as well please. This could very well end in a stalemate.

  • Homer

    This is bull. Apple is so full of it, next ill be expecting to hear Apple has patented air. Im glad i dont buy crapple anymore. People these days buy a phone just to conform to everyone else. I will continue to be a proud owner of a different phone that I feel is a way better product than crapple.

    • Bobblehead

      Wait, what? The Android sheep above just said Samsung sells more phones – which they do – than Apple, which makes you conforming to the popular device and it means your device is not different. Cognitive dissonance at its best

  • Threecube

    Did they pick random americans to be the Jury?

    • Brad F

      Um, yeah, they did. That’s how jury trials work, they pick random people, and those people decide on the case. They won’t exactly be filling up the jury with iSheep and Fandroids.

    • OgtheDim

      Except in cases like this the lawyers both use extensive algorithms to try to pick the “right” jurors.

    • EvanKr

      Well, yes and no. The jurors were selected at complete random, however they were all selected from the San Jose metro area where the case was being held, which is also coincidently the location of (you guessed it), the Apple HQ in Cupertino. In fact, Infinity Loop is only 16KM from the court house, go figure. Many people from San Jose are huge supporters of Jobs, and Apple as a whole. They support Apple as they’re a local company, and help stimulate both the local and national economy.

      Obviously the Americans will gravitate towards the American company, and considering how loyal San Jose is towards Apple, this comes as no surprise. Plus, you know how patriotic Americans can be, they’d never hear the end of it if they [I]didn’t[/I] support a company of their own. You can’t ask an American to support a Korean company over an American company, it just doesn’t work that way.

      Another thing to consider is that one of the jurors actually spent 7 years developing a patent of his own. And while his patent is of a different variety, the others could’ve looked to him for expertise and assistance. If he’s an Apple fan, then guess what, chances are everyone will go with his opinion and Apple will win.

      These juries can be biased at times, though unintentionally. Apple’s at an advantage here, I’m personally disgusted with the outcome, and disappointed with Apple as a whole. Besides, wasn’t it Jobs himself who’s favourite quote was Picasso’s “Good artists copy, great artists steal”, and Jobs even once said “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas”.

      What really should happen with cases like these is non-partisan groups from other countries should butt in, but that’s just not how the flawed system works.

  • InfinitiGuy

    I won’t ever buy another Apple product again.

    • Samsung = Copycat

      I won’t ever buy another Samsung product again.

    • Jamesology

      @ Samsung = Copycat

      Actually, you will buy Samsung. Because every penny that you spend on an iPhone is funding the SAMSUNG’s also Semiconductor Dept. Oh look you also gave Sony and LG money too! You’re funny.

  • Mr. Miyagi

    Apple really thinks people is going to get confused with their boring OS and Android? LOL!!!!

    • Carlos

      actually, i don’t think that android had anything to do with this. Apple was suing samsung for trying to copy their OS. they weren’t suing samsung for using android as their os. lol. otherwise apple would have sued google and not samsug.


    OMG What a different story than the UK decision to require Apple to apologize publicly. Americans and their lawsuits! Apple is truly an American company.

  • Mark68

    this could boil over into South Korean and American ties and even weaken trading between them. I think there will be some government involvement and plans to step in!!

    • Carlos

      HIIIIGHLY DOUBTFUL. let’s not get too excited. lol. no need to pop a boner over this LMAO. somehow i don’t see governments getting involved with companies. Just Saying…

  • SBR

    People have to be dumb as a doorknob to pick up a Samsung phone and think its an iPhone. Apparently these jury members are too. I guess its a chance for apple to get richer while putting out inferior products.

    • phreezerburn

      We are talking about Americans no? The same guys who believe they invented the Robertson screw and its real name is “square drive”?

  • Kresnik

    Apple needs help from court to win against their competitors… How pathetic !

  • Threecube

    LOL 1 billion, 51 million 855 thousand dollars in damages

  • clutch

    bet you the jurors (sheep) were bribed with iphone 5’s… so stupid

    • Brad F

      I guess you forgot the story about Samsung’s MASSIVE levels of corruption over in Korea, and how they’re more likely to be the ones strongarming any decisions in this trial than Apple.


    So why is the lawsuit againt only Samsung?? Almost every Android phone regardless of manufacturer has the bounce back feature and multitouch, so why only sue them??

    Wouldn’t they need to go after Google instead since they own Android???

  • S2556

    samsung is getting f****d im watching it

  • misterx

    wow…..nothing but a Pro-Apple Jury…..Jury and Judge bought by Apple so far….

    • Meh

      Oh yeah, everybody was bribed by Apple. The whole world was bought by Apple, except the little Android fanboys. Stop acting like this is a conspiracy, Samsung tried to copy Apple’s product and had to face justice about it, Period.

    • Brad F

      @Meh Don’t bother trying to reason with the Fandroids, they’ve lost all reason long ago. Samsung could release the Galaxy iPhone 3GS tomorrow and Fandroids would go on about how “Apple can’t trademark the name ‘iPhone 3GS’, it’s the natural evolution of phone names!”

  • stinky

    I cannot believe they put random people to decide somebody’s/company fate ..probably the people in the jury think they will get free iPhones and based on that they made their decisions lol

  • briggs

    that’s what happens when you send in a team of like, 5 lawyers. Samsung got outplayed hard here.

  • Wtf

    Those juror’s should kill themselves.

    • Brad F


  • free

    Time to boycott Apple

  • Mike

    Apple can’t win by competing with their garbage Iphones so their trying to win by wasting legal court time. This is Apple’s only way to compete, how pathetic. Apple how bout releasing some real innovated Smartphones, or your to dumb to innovate with real products. Stop wasting court times, and leave court for real criminals. Its not Samsungs fault that they are releasing top of the line smartphones, Apple stop being a cry baby and start releasing better phones.

    • jellmoo

      Okay, I get that this site is incredibly pro-Android, but c’mon now. Saying that this is the only way Apple can compete is ridiculous. Their sales speak for themselves here. Saying that they aren’t innovative when compared to Samsung is also ridiculous.

      I’m no Apple fanboy (no iPhone and a Touchpad for a tablet) but the utter dismissal of what they do because of the all mighty Android’s existence is really tiresome. It’s become more hip to hate on Apple than it ever was to love them.

    • Blind Tiresias

      Will all the Samsung and Android fanboys please quit whining? This is a great decision for consumers and for the future of innovation. Finally, Android developers and phone makers like Samsung will be forced to innovate properly to compete instead of slavish copying. It has always been obvious that Samsung rushed a copy into the market place to get market traction. Time to pay and get on with the real task of getting all of you fanboys to put up and get a real innovative device to market. Instead of half-baked Android variants with shite interfaces that play catchup with Apple. Do something great instead of complaining. Hell, go and copy Windows Mobile if you feel so strongly anti-Apple. Rectangles seem to suit.

    • Brad F

      I think you missed the part where for the past 20 years Samsung as a whole has been doing nothing but copying other companies, with home appliances, TVs, microwaves, everything.

      Only this time they copied somebody who didn’t want to take their bullshit, got called on it, and got what they had coming.

  • Hinds2009

    American justice sucks! Bought by crapple In America! Samsung lost before it began!

  • SirTCallingworth

    LOL I love this site because of the Android fanboys! Can’t wait to see the appeal

    • MikeTheCanuck

      Well if it isn’t the i***t that said “If you follow the money, it’s obvious that iOS outsells Android.” Why don’t you actually read some news, instead of being a sheep and regurgitating what you hear from others. It’s people like you that perpetuate the iSheep label. Moron.

      I can’t wait to see an AppleFanBoy marry his iPhone. It’ll happen one day, I can see it already.

      Pastor: Do you take this iPhone to be your lawfully wedded wife?

      Man: I DO!!!

      iPhone: I’m sorry, I didn’t get that, could you try again…

  • Thas

    The day that innovation dies is the day that we kill off competition. Today is a very sad day for innovation.

    • Brad F

      There’s a difference between innovation and imitation. Apple innovates, Samsung imitates, and the jury agreed.

      I wish Fandroids would stop letting their blind love for all things Google and Android cloud their judgement about things like this. It’s blindingly obvious to any non-Fandroid that Samsung copied Apple, to the point where even Samsung didn’t try to argue that it didn’t copy Apple.

    • Brrr

      It’s victorious day for innovation. The creator won, the copy-cat lost.

  • daniel

    with this, the transformation of apple from innovator to full fledged patent troll is complete.

  • Eluder

    Man, the American patent board is so idiotic.
    If we had idiocy like this over a hundred years ago we would all be driving Fords. It’s pathetic how a company can patent something as simple as the shape of a device. Sad world we live in. Hope Apple burns in hell now, even more so than before.

  • DanielP

    Why does Chewbacca live on Endor? It just doesn’t make sense!

    • Darren


  • Mr. Miyagi

    I am so glad I have never given apple (doesn’t even deserve the capital A) one single penny!

    • Jay

      I have to agree… Back when it was Apple vs Microsoft I used to cheer for Apple all the time. Now Apple is worse than Microsoft ever was, they’ve lost 100% of my support. Heck, I’ll even vote Blackberry before Apple gets my support.

  • skullan

    If this doesn’t get Patent reforms fast tracked, nothing will..

  • tc27

    i work in a best buy mobile, and the amount of samsung phones that come back because of issues is not even comparable to the amount of iphones. i’ve returned/exchanged 14 iphones over a year, and 31 samsung devices. i am simply not a samsung fan due to seeing the amount of issues that i have. i wasn’t an apple person until i bought my mac for school, so no i am not brainwashed etc. i got an iphone because of itunes, icloud, and so on. to be honest, everyone has their own personal preference for phone, and if yours isn’t the iphone or isnt a galaxy, cool, no one cares. i’m sick of seeing people bash the iphone just because they have a samsung and feel the need to force their opinions on others. seriously, absolutely no cares, and people aren’t going to switch preference of phone because you hate one or the other. a simple “i believe samsung should have won this trial because -enter valid and explained argument here-” would be sufficient. oh, and i wont be reading your rude replies to this, or any replies at all for that matter, but i know that every samsung lover on here is going to tell me how shitty the iphone is. i don’t really care.

    • AndyOne

      I agree with you 100% tc27, if you don’t like a phone just don’t buy it and advice your friends not to buy it if you wish but that doesn’t make it a bad phone, I like Samsung, I got a tv, a monitor and a printer from them but when it comes to phones I like the iPhone more but I don’t go around and tell pepole that Android sucks

  • JP

    I wonder what Steve Jobs is thinking right now in heaven…

    • dern


    • No jobs in heaven

      Steve jobs is bending over for the devil right now.

  • John

    “In an effort to recover the cost of the lost suit. We will be shutting down our operations here in the US and Canada. Every employee will be terminated, effective immediately.”


  • Jay

    I wonder when Apple will get sued over their highly prized Siri, which has the look and feel of hundreds of Android Apps that were around long before Siri came out.

  • me

    Finally some justice

    • Brad F


      Except now the Fandroids won’t shut the f*ck up. They’re almost as bad as Penn State, thinking it’s okay to do it and nobody should be punished for their actions.

  • Netguru

    Considering that the trial is in San Jose, which is within spitting distance of Apple in Cupertino, I wonder how impartial the jury could have been.

    • Brad F

      Well, it IS kind of insulting that Samsung didn’t even send a single higher-up, instead choosing only to send lawyers and underlings.

  • KD

    I’m sure there will be appeals… supreme court time, etc. etc… this doesn’t mean much yet…

  • yawn

    is this bb10?

  • ruddias

    To be fair, the galaxy s does look like an iPhone 3gs. Worth 1 billion dollars of compensation? He*l no. Has Apple copied Samsung? He*l yes. I smell a full off shore bank account, a few of them actually.

  • ….

    Unreal…even best buy was involved in saying that customers were returning android tablets because they thought they were ipads…no suprise though I guess,, because apple pays best buy to put apple products in front of android.

  • Amir H

    Sad day for the consumers because what most people don’t realize is that this case was focused on Samsung phones that were already on the market for a long time…this decision will effect the level of Samsung phones and other android phones in the future and ultimately effect the variety of products the consumers receive. Now I also blame Samsung because of their continued support of apple, if at this point Samsung could look away from the money and pull all their parts from future Apple products it would largely impact apple’s production and maybe just maybe make apple think twice about suing Samsung for over a billion dollars

  • Rob

    and the winner of the Apple vs. Samsung trial is…..RIM!!!

  • WhoaDere

    #BoycottCrapple anyone?

  • Android4Life

    You know, reading some of the comments here really does cement that there are a huge number of re-tards in the Android community. Seriously, some of you must rank amongst the stupidest in the world. Face facts, Samsung infringed. I love Android and know it will always beat Apple in almost every metric, but facts are facts. How could anyone with a brain read the docs from Samsung and not realize they copied and the knew they copied. You i****s are the reason the iTards always harp on how dumb the Android community is. I am tired of you fools making the rest of us look as dumb as you.

    F8ck me you guys are m0rons. The sad part is I think you realize it but your tiny brains feed into the mob mentality of “I hate Apple”. Get a life.

  • Death

    Apple can go get eaten by a worm, and I hope that worm is Google

  • Darren

    Apple is going to sue you if you take a bite out of an apple, because it infringes their logo.

  • John

    I have to agree that the image used for this article does make them look identical. That said, I wonder how hard they had to work to make the screen look identical. When I look at my Android phone I’d say that probably only 30% of the icons are actually square, if that. The rest have a very distinctive shape that’s dependent on the application itself. The only ones that actually have that same kind of square rounded corner design are apps that originated on the iPhone (like Angry Birds). Mind you it’s an HTC phone, but… Oh wait! I happen to have a Galaxy Tab right over here! Hmmmm… I dunno about the rest of you, but my main screen looks NOTHING like a iPad. Sure, the shape is similar, but so does a Chevy and a Ford.

    • SlashDotLuke

      You do realize that “the image used for this article” is from an internal Samsung documents comparing their phone to an iPhone!
      It also list the ‘deficiencies’ of Samsung design versus iOS.
      So next time you decide to ‘contribute’, do keep this quote in mind: “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

  • TJ

    Did anyone really think an American jury in an American court with an American judge won’t side with an American company ? The outcome of this case was decided even befre it went to trial.

  • metoo

    You fantards are truly the dumbest f#cks around. Sammy gets caught blatantly thieving and you i****s act like Apple was wrong.
    -apple paid the jury:i***t
    -patent system is broken:Funny i***t, Samsung disagrees. They live the patent system.

    You guys are really, truly pathetic. No wonder all the android makers are laying off thousands-their business depends on the disposable income of monkeys.

  • J

    Lollllllll. This is jokesss … They could have just put Apple’s board of directors as a jury in this case. Patents are very detailed documents which gives basically 2 options to the competitors. Either use the patented technology or circumvent and avoid everything in the patent with minor or major changes. Patents are not broad details with a large scope but something that is very specific. In this case a California jury awarded a California company because a foreign comptetitor made products that are similar but not SAME. This is going all the way to Supreme court or even end up in International Court

  • dicmccoy

    I love how the iSheep on here think that Apple has done nothing wrong and think they have the best product ever. I am sorry but Apple did not invent the smartphone or touch screen or a rectangle with rounded corners. Since Wozniak left Apple they really haven’t invented anything. Instead they steal everyone else’s ideas and products and then sues them while paying off the courts. Do you iSheep really believe in communism? Were you on Hitler’s side? That’s what apple is trying to do. Take over the world and make everyone look the same. Sounds like a pretty g*y future to me. So if you don’t like that outcome then STOP SUPPORTING APPLE! Instead go buy a more open product which costs less. Just because it doesn’t have an Apple logo doesn’t make it uncool. Instead it’s cooler because you will stand out and be different from everyone else. KCCO.

  • what the….

    Does the Jury get free MacBooks and iPhones now?

  • Tomatoes

    Was this rigged or is the average American citizen really that stupid?

  • Gpsniper

    1 Architect should sue the other for designing a roof on his building and 4 walls. Ford should sue chevy for have 4 round wheels to move the car. Levi’s should sue every other jean maker!!! What is this world coming too?

  • shadyguy

    You have to love Samsungs closing statement.

  • shadyguy

    Even you close minded Apple Fanboys.

  • Kid.Canada

    So how much did Apple pay the Judge and Jury to make this super fast and fishy decision is all we want to know!!

  • jason4

    ya baby.. pay up SAMSUCK.. stop copying other people’s stuff..


  • OgtheDim

    First in a long series of trials.

    Will not mean much if the Iphone 5 is not considered better then the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

  • d(V)

    still s3 is better

  • monsterduc1000

    American company, American verdict. This is sickening as everywhere else in the world this trial has taken place has sided with reason, not the idiotic patent of a shape…

  • VanBurner

    Apple has yet to roll with the big boy of Motorola Mobility/ Google who has the biggest war chest of handheld mobile phone patents.

    Apple wasn’t even born yet in 1973 when Motorola demo’ed the 1st handheld mobile phone call. It was some 3 years later that Apple in 1976 was founded.

  • Gpsniper

    Samsung copies? Ever heard of the AppleTV? Yes thats right, 4 corners, displays a picture….. Im pretty sure the first mp3 player had four corners before the ipod!

  • jason4

    Some chump in Seoul is making a triangle shaped phone mockup.

    S4 anyone? …. GARBAGE.

    Well done Apple… well done….

  • Cody

    Crab Apple!

  • Richard

    Samsung just made 4.5 billion dollars in one quarter. That’s 18 billion dollars a year. This amounts to 6% of its yearly profit. A change in market conditions can do way more than this would to anyone’s company. Samsung and Apple both have lots of cash in the bank. Samsung will appeal this to the maximum extent and will probably get the damages down to about %20 percent of original. Even if Samsung did push the limits they’ve got a lot to show for it in smartphone profitability. This is sort of a sad day for consumers but the pendulum always swings to far. This ain’t over. And if you think I’m biased I own 2 Samsung TV’s, a Galaxy3, Ipad, Iphone 4s, Apple TV ,iphone 3gs a Macbook Air and an ASUS Zenbook. My wife likes the apple because she’s technologically impaired compared to me. Not convinced that mac is any easier to use than Windows. Either way both these companies will not make money on mobile phones like these forever. Definitively interesting.

  • Gpsniper

    I just patented my fart. If yours smells anything like mine, pay up!!!!!

  • Techie

    If you cannot see the difference between Samsung phones before the iPhone and after. Then YOU are the fanboy.

  • Gpsniper

    Other companies are just not as childish as apple or everyone would be suing everyone on everything. Your spoon looks very similar to mine! I’m suing u! You cant wipe your a*s with paper, i invented that!

  • radar

    SAMSUNF I am supporting you from now – no more APPLE!

  • Koch

    Wrong wrong so wrong! The last subsidy from us government to APPLE.

  • radar

    iPhone does not even operate in the Wind, Mobilicity, Videotron, T-Mobile etc. network – Apple needs to learn how to make phones.

  • XS

    That is called truly typical US jurisdiction – full of crap and money driven.

  • NeuTraL

    Heard the News about the Apple paid a Hundred Million $ to Judge Koh.

  • monsterduc1000

    I would love to see Samsung end the partnership with Apple immediately for all the processors and internals they supply them and Cripple Apple just before the launch of the iphone 5 and the new ipads =)

    • OgtheDim

      Contracts…….Apple would kill them legally if Samsung tried that.

  • misterx

    so I guess the Iphone 5 will be atleast $900 to buy out, Samsung will be jacking up their parts prices to Apple

  • howCome

    Fail. if Apple react to Samsung’s copying, why didnt they react when Bill Gates run away and stole Apple’s idea?

    • John

      Run away with what? Copying Mac UI? Didn’t you know Microsoft helped Apple in creating the mac os?

  • XS

    I’m refusing to eat apples anymore, they remind me of Apple 🙂 But seriously, I wouldn’t expect anything else from US jurisdiction, it’s money driven!

  • Mar

    If corporations really are people, then I wanna be the first to punch Apple right in it’s dumb f*****g face. Buncha whiny, selfish, juvenile little pricks. Seriously. Grow a dick, Apple. Stop bothering everybody with childish footstompy tantrums about how people ‘stole’ your ideas. Rectangles aren’t an idea, they’re a SHAPE. The worst part is they’re gonna be insufferable because of this ruling. Ugh. DAY RUINED.

  • Collin

    Good god apples response was f*****g SMUG.. they must really love the smell of their own farts because they have their heads really far up their own asses

  • Toysandme

    Wrong headline. It should be APPLE LOSES $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS!!!

  • Dennis

    And many android fanboy years were shed this day.

  • Rawrr

    I don’t think Android is the case here, more like Samsung’s TouchWiz being accused. Besides, this lawsuit won’t even make a dent in Samsung’s earnings. Their net income is over 300 billion.. loll

  • TJC

    Aren’t there Samsung Parts inside Apple products? I wonder what happens to that relationship?

  • ag

    Ridiculous amount of money !

  • Wilbour

    As my mom would say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

  • Hamza Ahmed

    REALLY? 1.5 BILLION FOR STUPID PHONES?? This world is HORRIBLE! There people dying and starving waiting for food and here are 2 companies crying for money… sad…

  • rotten apple

    Lol at apples statement when so much of ios5 was a copy of android. Unreal. And what actual innovation has apple had considering everything except for the body of the iphone looks identical since the silver back.

  • James Arsenault

    Apple won and Customers lose big time.

    • PkaTka3

      if the verdict is not favourable then just blame the justice system! It’s funny because Samsung wasn’t event trying to show that they didn’t copy. We all knew they copied. They tried to sell us the “prior art” bullshit but I guess that didn’t work out.

  • Hamza Ahmed

    Guys… at the end of the day there all making money… and will be best friends until the end….

  • LOL

    you guys are really full of s**t. you call people who buy apple products “isheep”, and claim yourself that you are so glad you buy a phone not everyone has, but also point out the samsung destroys the iphone in sales. maybe that’s because the iphone is one phone, while the samsung has like 20 (probably literally). some people buy phones based on aesthetic (the gs3 looks like crap)

  • bazinga

    Hmmm,ever notice lcd, led and plasma kind of all have the same general shape? Clearly the company that can overcharge the sheep, i mean consumer the most amount of money must obviously be the inovator? Let the tube patent trolls begin!

  • real deal

    I think we the customer who are buying we should do soemthing. I use to have iphone and now I switched to samsung because in my opinion they have better phones than apple since 2010. since 2007 apple created only 2 phones compare to samsung who created atleast 10 phones.

  • Alex

    Great news, I knew I was right. Fick you Samesung.

  • Denis

    I dont get it the whole thing about patent. What is it these days. To me no one company should claim exclusive design of products in today’s modern world. Every product in any market category looks and feels the same. Cars, bikes. shoes, air crafts you name it all look the same in design even though they are products of different corporations.
    For example American cars used to be different in design and now American cars look identical in design with the Japanese cars. We should do away with the so called- design patent crap thing!

  • Richard

    If Samsung just stopped making apple parts they’d be sued for sure, and would surely deserve it. If they decide to stop when they’re contracts are up then they’re ok.

  • isdfoa

    guys I doubt 1billion is anything much to Samsung…. One of the WORLDS largest companies. Samsung mobile is only ONE division of MANY. Samsung makes home appliances, electronics, displays, tvs, processors, construction machines…. they make EVERYTHING and they’re all parts if the Samsung Group. Samsung mobile may have made 5 billion in one quarter, but keep in mind the rest of Samsung divisions, they’re a behemoth company.

    • OgtheDim

      Samsung’s non phone divisions are not doing so well.

  • HO

    Oh well, fine, now can we have that “Apology” that was ordered by the judge in the UK, pls mApple, since u guys love when things are fair, u were ordered by a judge in UK to “Apologize” to Samsung and specifically say that ur miPad is nothing like the Samsung tablet, all that on your mApple home page, pls do it quickly cause I need a new fb profile pic!

  • Tomatoes

    I am still pissed off and its been a few hours after the verdict already.haha

  • Delumen

    “Holy crap. Damages total the massive amount of $1,051,855,000. Huge. Over a billion dollars.” I love this blog.

  • Koolbreeze

    This is long ways from over ppl. Don’t think that Sammy will just hand over the money. They’ll fight the good fight. I believe that Sammy owns LTE patent, or part of it. Hehehe!

  • superfly

    Satan is the “god of this world” quote from the KJV Bible. I am not surprised that “the forbidden fruit” company manipulated the patent system.

  • AIden

    I can’t stand apple as a company but to be fair the first day I got my SGS1 three of my class mates congrautlated me on a new iphone 3GS,

  • Porilaisten

    A sad day in tech, and for innovation.

  • Mike

    Well I guess the only thing to do now samsung is to stop providing Parts for Apple’s garbage Iphones, this will bring an end to garbage Iphones. Iphones can’t run without Samsung parts. This would be a good revenge strategy.

  • lolfandroids

    This is a great day in tech and an even better day for innovation, this shows that no longer can other companies just copy more successful one but now they have to actual innovate their own products.

    Way to go Apple, stick it to those scumbags over at Samsung. Where are all the fandroids now? Looool Looks like my apple stock is on the rise again!! Thanks Samsung so kind of you!

  • Liars

    You can tell the judgment has no value at all when it says that no damages were done to Samsung from Apple. Completely ridiculous but some people will still believe this…

  • Kat

    Omg. Jeez apple get over your selves. As if Samsung needs to copy your boring a** designs. I’m so sick of apples my way or the highway approach. I hope you realize this makes you look that much stuck up.

  • Piff

    Its been said before but no one in my family will ever buy another apple product.

  • superfly

    Court decisions can be morally wrong. This just proved it. People who are spiritually bound by Apple will continue to strive and strive but fall further and further into the pit. “come out of her my people and be not partakers of her sins” Apple……one of the whores of Babylon.

  • Monroe

    This verdict is ridiculous!!

    The whole world doesn’t see Samsung as a company that steals Apple’s crappy ideas. Apple has lost many lawsuits in other countries so that has to tell you something.

    The US court is a joke as we’ve seen in other cases like the OJ Simpson trial and Rodney King.

    I will now do everything in my power to ruin Apple’s image. You can do the same by convincing friends, family, & acquaintances to not use Apple’s overpriced products.

  • G – man

    2 big fish swimming in their own sewage…
    Oh! Wait! Apple patented sewage…
    Guess we all owe them a lot of sh t…

  • MattyMattMatt

    Looks like the jury decided to side with the American company rather than what is true and right (mainly that 99% of the patents are bullshit, faulty, not legal and should cause the death of the submitter and approver)

  • Kevin Smith

    Anyone remember Rambus? lol seems kinda similar to me. Also, I don’t understand how this is Samsung’s issue. Shouldn’t Apple have gone after Google for this?

  • som

    You know that the other phone makers are better when you decide to sue them. Don’t think so?

  • Kevin

    I think it’s time for Google to step in and take a big dump all over Apple’s smug face.

  • v

    hahahahahaha bye bye samsung !!!!! GO RIM !!!!!!!!

  • Mark

    Looking at the comments, looks like the samsung distortion field is in full effect.

  • mystic09

    Wouldn’t screen bounceback be part of Android? not Samsung? Unless this type of bounceback is limited to touchwiz only. (I don’t have any samsung phones with touchwiz to compare )

  • sugbo

    I really hope BB10 is going to be a succes nxt year. Apple will go after them as well I guess…

  • Janika

    Apple tried a similar blame-game recently in Europe, against HTC and has lost the case. How come the media is not full of this? A UK judge even ruled that Apple must clearly state on their Web-site that HTC did not copy anything from Apple. We have arrived to another chapter in this Apple rampage against everyone else, when the US consumer will be turned into an I-Sheep, that’s if s/he can afford it. Glad I don’t own any Apple products and probably never will.

  • glenn

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  • JGF

    love the andriod sheeple crying LMAO