HTC Desire HD gets Ice Cream Sandwich the unofficial way


  • The Other Dave

    And in other 6 month old news…

    Are you kidding? There have been a dozen ICS roms out months ago? Why is this one news?

    • Davor

      Possibly because this one says it’s “fully working”, I’ve seen others where features wouldn’t work, like camera and such.

  • Davor

    This I like… might actually try it out.

  • Full Mountain

    “Incredible S (which should be hitting Canada soon)”

    Interesting, has MobileSyrup received confirmation of this from Bell?

  • Stranger


  • arcsvibe

    XDA for the win!

  • Chris

    Similar? They have the same resolution, same ram, same chipset

  • Amused

    It’s funny how XDA did something that HTC couldn’t… I’m assuming HTC just didn’t want to put their name on something that would produce optimum performance…

  • telcop

    yes, well call it “marketting” from HTC? Seen any existing customer adverts? Love my Desire HD, but HTC as an organisation?
    once this dies, back to Samsung, they are on the ball!!