Nokia Lumia 710 now available at MTS


  • Gary

    awesome phone

  • aviking

    Garbage company…MTS that is.

  • Elmwoodie

    It is MTS’s best phone now.
    Rogers will likely share the 900 with them in November (when Rogers has moved on to a Windows Phone 8 device from Nokia).

  • EvanK

    What? MTS actually RELEASED a phone? Their last two devices were the 4S and the 9900 mid to late last year.

    It’s nice to see this, some decent phones on their network now!

  • InfinitiGuy

    Too bad it’s running a garbage OS.

  • Big Ang

    Ugh…. 3 year contracts…..

    I like this phone, I’m using one myself, but a 3 year contract? No way.

    Windows Phone 7.5 is a good OS, and will continue to be good, but 18-24 months from now WP7 users will start to feel left behind (the same way most Android customers feel about 12 months after their purchase).

    3 year contracts are awful. For example, if you bought a Palm Pre the FIRST day it went on sale in Canada, you would STILL be under contract today!

  • shoo

    and only 79.99 dollars more than wind mobile. yikes.

  • Sid

    Outdated and overpriced, yep that’s MTS.