Nexus 7 Dock accessory makes an appearance alongside two types of cases

The heard-but-unseen range of Nexus 7 accessories will be coming to market sometime in August, if a leaked document unveiled by Nordic Hardware can be believed. The tablet, which became available in early July, has the three “POGO” dots on the side of the tablet to interface with a dock, and this is the first we’ve seen of it.

Like most docks, the Nexus 7 will be arrayed in landscape orientation, and there will be access to a microUSB port for charging and a 3.5mm speaker out. Unfortunately, the hardware does not support HDMI or MHL, so no connecting the Nexus 7 to a television.

Expected to retail about $49.99, it looks be available on August 24th.

The Nexus 7 will also have a premium leather case with an internal glass fibre “bumper” lining the inside. Available in four colours — red, orange, brown and white — it looks to retail for $39.99 and available by the end of August.

Lastly, we’ve already shown you the Nexus 7 cover series made of TPU. They will retail for $19.99 and will be available in multiple colours. This is the accessory most people will likely choose to purchase.

We look forward to seeing these in person, but for now, what do you think of the Nexus 7 accessory line?

Source: Droid-Life