Bell releasing the LG Optimus L5 on July 10th


  • Sean

    If the One V can be sold for $175 I expect this at like 125 at the maximum. The only thing this one has over the V is NFC and i would prefer a good screen and processor over NFC

  • Sean

    I lost all respect for LG when they never updated the Optimus Pad. LG should be avoided at all costs. Just my opinion

  • Adrian

    I’m with Sean. LG is notorious for release orphan phones — that is phones that never receive a single update. I’ve owned two of them; never again.

  • ag

    Let’s hope this unit does not power cycle itself and has a decent battery

  • Bill

    What will happen to Samsung galaxy s3 sales when this is released

    • Joe

      Are you serious? Have you seen both of these phones? You are wondering what will happen to the Cadilac (Samsung Galaxy S3) sales when the Yugo (LG Optimus L5) comes out???