Images surface of what could be the new iPhone


  • Brent M

    looks like they are finally getting rid of that retarted connector.

    That is, if this is not fake.

    • SAM


    • SAM

      4″ IS THIS A JOKE

      I QUIT, SHOW ME 4.8″ 4.7″


    • Theywillbepissed

      I dont personally believe these are real, the back just looks like the the 4s with some sort of ugly case thrown on

    • Nick

      The connector is how you KNOW it’s fake.

      Apple hasn’t redesigned their connector since the days of the first iPod. It would be heresy to suggest it’s anything but perfect, and their loyal fanbase who have committed to expensive docks would be furious. Throw on top of it all that Apple would have to surrender to microUSB (i.e.: follow someone else’s standard) and I’d bet against it.

  • astudent

    I actually like the black iPhone…if this really is the actual part. The white one is not pushing any buttons for me….

  • no1 u no

    OMFGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! UPGRAYD FROM MI IFONE 4S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILL BI OUTWRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A

    Likely real…do you know how many NEW docks they would sell?

    • PkaTka3

      @Allen kiddo chillax. Apple has innovated itself into the segment. The iPhone 1 was an innovation, everything after that was an evolution. The funny thing is that the biggest evolution of ios is android. Give apple credit where its due.

  • metoo



    • Denver Smith

      I think someone needs to innovade your spelling.

    • AllanVS

      Only an iSheep would claim it’s an innovation. Apple hasn’t “innovated” anything since their Magic Mouse. Their smartphone is actually quite stupid (they downclock it!), there is no multitasking, and SIRI doesn’t work in Canada (BUT Samsung SVoice or what ever it is, DOES work in Canada. ) SO SUCK ON THAT APPLE.
      Oh btw … Apple sold 4 million units between the 4S announcement and the 3 first days of sales. Samsung has had 9MILLION orders of GIII’s in the same amount of time. SO SUCK IT APPLE, SUCK IT!!!

    • Myth busted

      Where’s all the innovation? Looks the same as the rest of the Apple junk

  • claydboy

    Wow same phone just a bigger piece of Shit go Sammie

  • @maikelparets

    Just give me my GS3!

  • lighter

    I believe this is not the final product. This is a prototype for testing so if someone does see it in passing they will not pick up on it…

    if this is the final product … apple fan no more…

  • Eluder

    Same boring design just longer, hopefully this isn’t the final look…

  • not news

    why do people hype the iphone, there’s always a million articles about ‘what the new iphone may be’ and they are almost always wrong

  • mike

    It looks like the GS3 with its curves. hmm. Hope it actually does receive a Larger Display above 4″

  • Mark

    B-O-R-I-N-G. Hopefully not real! With competition like the S III and the One X, Apple needs to pick it up. And this from an iPhone user since ’08, and I love my IPhone!

  • Mark

    Gotta get rid of the square-edged sides!!

  • Mark

    Needs bigger display!!!

  • Jo

    “Apple sold 4 million units between the 4S announcement and the 3 first days of sales. Samsung has had 9MILLION orders of GIII’s in the same amount of time.”

    Sold 4 millions in first 3 days on selected country.
    Have 9 millions “orders” from worldwide carriers. <-not sold, just order, and most of them will sell under heavy discount after 1 month.

    • S2556

      the galazy s3 pre orders are only in select countries as well! carriers aren’t offering pre-orders on the LTE galaxy s3 (or and north american carrier)
      nice try tho.

  • Troy

    And this happened to leak out on the Galaxy S III release day? Tinfoil hat time!

  • Lirodon

    Oh look, it’s the Apple iPhone SII HD LTE /sarcasm

  • Head in sand..

    Apple who??

  • John

    The shading on the back looks like some 2 year old designed it. Like Apple or not, Johnny Ive knows how to design good looking devices. I doubt this is legit.


    How can you compare the S3 and an iPhone? One is made out of plastic and the other is made out of aluminum. It’s like comparing a plastic BIC lighter to a solid piece of St. Dupont lighter.

    Some of you wouldn’t know the meaning quality if it slapped you in the face. lol


      oh, forgot to add: “JUST SAYING!!!”

  • Mike

    They can change the design all they want, what actually needs to be done as well is some software changes, make it a little more open for customization.

  • Mapple

    Please make it Pentaband/AWS!

  • EvanKr

    The headphone jack at the bottom makes sense, when you’re listening to music and you slide your phone into your pocket, it generally lands top down.

    Does anybody else think that it’s a little ironic that these images surface on GS III launch day? Hmm, Apple?

  • Ricky B

    If there is one thing (if) Apple has over Samsung it is build quality. (Which is changing) I’m not digging the two tone thing going on but I like the material choice if this is real. I’ll still stick to Sammy though.

  • Box

    Is this thing just taller and not wider?
    Dam I hope not,should be wider not taller 🙁

  • Cody

    I actually like it :s disappointed that there is still a physical home button rather than a touch one though but overall I really like it!

  • Ben Wilson

    It’s tough to say , if they changed the doc connector to a micro usb I believe it would do more worse then good if they do so they need to include a new dock adapter for people so we can still use the same stereo systems with the old pin connectors, the aluminum body is the best choice to go unlike last year’s models a glass housing , what were they thinking??? , I highly recommend they implement a removable battery and memory card , also they should add Adobe’s flash platform to be compatible with all apple devices

    • James Collins

      Adobe Killed Flash, Apple won, Pointless argument, Otherwise I certainly Agree with you.

  • Jem

    This looks real enough, but the SIM tray looks to be micro sized and would think to be too big for the nano-SIM that Apple is rumored to be working on. Take it with a grain of salt.

    • stylinred

      I dont believe so as everyone is still arguing about the final design of the micro/nano/sim

  • Mark

    I’ve yet to own an iPhone and am really interested in switching from Android to Apple, maybe for a year or so to see what’s up.

    I’d totally get the white one 🙂 Better looking than the Galaxy S III …

  • lengend

    Looks like the blackberry dev alpha device

  • omfg


    This will certainly take the crown for the ugliest phone!

    Look at the white and grey!

    Still rectangular and still brick-like. Apple design team is running out of ideas.

  • omfg

    And here I thought the S3 was ugly too lol.

    Man, Apple needs to hire some fresh new design team.

  • Hammam

    What is that…? Oh the iPhone. Why are we still talking about that? GSIII has already been released.

  • aregularonhofo

    I owned only one iPhone that was given to me and never again, I find these units ugly and I refuse to support a cult with mindless supporters…Android/BB’s/Symbian are somewhat the same if you’re a fanatic and my preference is Windows. Still, the most irritating are the Apple boys and honestly some need meds/therapy…to wait for new versions like crackheads is going too far and technically the phones is not superior to anything. Take away most of the different hardware pieces and all you have is a bunch of monkey engineers waiting for the marketing crew to create a new subliminal message and the brainwashed follow like little disoriented piggies.

    • T1MB0T

      Oh yes ragufagoo sure you did. I am sure you still sneak into the laundry room and look at it.. dream that 1 day it will work on wind.. but.. VimpelCom Cannot Pay Dividends
      By: Stock News

      Posted on May 25, 2012 at 18:15 PM EDT

      The Moscow Arbitration Court issued an injunction order that prohibits VimpelCom Ltd. (NYSE: VIP) from paying dividends to shareholders. The stock price plunged $1.42 to close at $7.31.

      OH NO!!! looks like wind is for sale! AGAIN!!!

  • Nathen

    Personally I love the look of the SG3 and i am waiting for the NEW Google phone. This Fake or not Iphone doesn’t really interest me because I never liked the iOS to start with. Even when i had one of the first Iphone 2G’s , also to top it off I got sick and tired of ALL the Jail Breaking and Unlocking just to be able to USE MY PHONE they way i wanted too.

    Google gets it, this is why I will stick with them till something better comes along. The SG3 might just be that.

  • johentie

    if the connector/dock port is real… how many idock accessories everyone made will be obsolete? well maybe not completely cause not everyone will be on an ip5..

    but still.. it will impact

  • WetCardboard

    1136 x 640 = 16:9 aspect ratio, that’s a step in the right direction. The current iPhone AR is complete crap, as if the screen wasn’t small enough already you lose another 20% when watching most videos.

  • Tomatoes

    Too tall and skinny and looks too much like the iPhone 4. They need to realize that once they decide to go 4 inches for the screen they can’t really keep the iPhone 4 design without making it look funny or too heavy.

    Even though all your fanboys love steel, glass,uand aluminum, it just doesn’t work for bigger phones. Even the Nokia Lumia 900 is too big and heavy and that uses plastic and only has a 4.3 inch screen.

    A style similar to the lumia 800 that is higher res, lighter, and thinner is possible.

    The ideal design for me would be the Xperia S that is thinner and a bit shorter. Which is easily possible. They just need to remove the transparent bar and bottom plastic piece to shorten it and add a higher end CPU to make it thinner.

    • stylinred

      i like the polycarbonate cases that nokia has been using

      but i still prefer my aluminum n8 which the n9/lumias derived their design from

  • 2dfx

    If this is indeed the final product, BB10 devices may just have their day in the sun!

  • Karl

    It could look like a sardine can and it will still sell millions of units. The haters can hate but the Iphone makes the carriers successful. Look at t-mobile they were so hot to get it they are switching frequencies. Wind ? mech they need the ground to open up and swallow the big 3 to have a chance. reading all the links looks like wind is in for a bumpy ride.

  • jon_d0e

    I hope this is made of thin plastic like my samsung phones. I dropped my samsung 10 times a day and has not yet break.

  • gjeff12

    If they change the connector now, that means they’ll obviously put it on any new ipods and ipads. This, to me is a lose/lose situation. People who upgrade have to buy new cables and docks, and people who have old idevices won’t be able to upgrade their docks.

    • The Masked Bandito

      Oh no! People have to buy new accessories for their new phone? SAY IT ISN’T SO!

      You must be new to cellphones. 5 years ago everyone had a different connector.

  • The Masked Bandito

    Look at this article. it has the most comments that a mobilesyrup article has had for a while. Why? Because insecure Android users are getting slapped in the face with another iPhone that’s better than anything they could possibly hope to own, short of owning an iPhone.

    The amount of butthurt in these comments is amazing. Android users criticizing the iPhone for some of the same things Android has. It’s laughable how ignorant and stupid you all are.

    I’ll be over here with my new iPhone, waiting until you all see reason and leave your buggy, fragmented, mess of an OS and buy an iPhone.

    • Myth busted

      The bigger screen on this iphone actually means iphones are going to be fragmented

    • The Masked Bandito

      No it doesn’t. Previous apps will play with black bars along the top and bottom of the screen, and app developers are still going to have the support for the iPhone 4S which means iPhone 4 support will continue as well.

      Android handset makers should take note. This is how you logically upgrade a system.

  • Jer

    I would love to get it, love that screen size its perfect. Since im with Mobi, im stuck with that huge a*s SG S3 4’8. Guess I’ll have to buy clown pants.

  • bob

    Go Lg Dare

  • Michael

    A new dock connector will piss consumers off that already own the current devices but Apple will counter that they are innovating so back off.

    There will be countless third party dock adapters that will alllow you to make your Bose speaker work. They wont look pretty but at least your not holding on to a $300 paper weight.