Android was important, but not critical, to Google’s success: Larry Page

Google CEO Larry Page sat before a courtroom today defending his company as he was cross-examined in the copyright portion of a trial with Oracle over Java patents. While it’s not in dispute that Java is a royalty-free programming language, Oracle is suing Google over 37 closed APIs that were integrated into the Android operating system.

Page had some pretty blunt words to say about Android’s importance to Google, claiming it as an important but not critical part of their product line. “I believe Android was very important for Google. I wouldn’t say it was critical.” But it has turned into a critical product as the company activates over 800,000 new devices every day around the world. As mobile gets more integrated into everyday live, Google will continue to gain prominence in the mobile industry, even on non-Android devices: Apple uses Google search as the default engine on its iOS platform.

Upcoming testimonies from Andy Rubin and Eric Schmidt will likely shed more light on the Java copyright issues raised by Oracle.

Source: The Verge

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