Sony Xperia S now available in Canada


  • watsan

    $499 outright? Talk about a competitive price point for a higher end mobile phone. Might be lacking ICS and quad core, but for some of us, it still gets the job done without breaking a sweat. Can’t complain about those great design queues either, i’m excited to see where this line goes with time.

    • Prem

      Is this a BB10 device?

    • monsterduc1000

      Looks to be a great phone with a highly optimized version of Ginger Bread. But the problem is that it is Ginger Bread. This is Q2 and 5 months after the release of Ice Cream Sandwich, so I’m wondering at the reason for not having ICS on this phone…If I was thinking of getting this phone, this is the first red flag I would have against it. A brand new, high end android release at this point SHOULD have ICS, and would put a major concern in my noggin about the expediency of future updates. My second red flag is the hardware. It is good stuff, but the better stuff is already out in the HTC One X. It benchmarks well, but that is because of the optimization of GB. I can get a wicked custom rom of gb that smokes all the benchmarks on my Nexus S, but ICS runs much, MUCH smoother. Nice phone, but I would pass on it for the One X at this point.

    • blackkey

      Well not all that great if you consider that its the same price as a lumia 900… Pricepoint seems average to me

  • EAK47

    I bought the International Unlocked version on eBay for 600$ and I consider it a better deal than the Rogers no-contract price.

    If you sum up the phone price, taxes here, unlock code, etc… you’re pretty much at the same price or over the 600$ for the unlocked and UNBRANDED version.

    This phone is awesome but it’s full of Rogers crap as we’ve seen in the initial hands-on.

    Better go with an unlocked and unbranded version for fast updates unless you wanna run custom roms, but Sony’s gingerbread overlay is awesome. Can’t wait for ICS

    • bob

      Unlocking is usually about $5.
      And you get support and warranty. Not so sure about ebay.

  • Abe

    This is an excellent price for this phone. I really miss owning a Sony phone.

  • Michael Johnson

    If it had ICS it would probably be the phone I’d tell people to get.

    I’m sorta wishing I waited before getting my Amaze… I would love a 12mp camera.

  • kalpaca

    can we get the white version in Canada?

  • Sean

    If I bought this from a Sony store I would expect it to be unlocked and unbranded. Otherwise why doesn’t Rogers just carry it..

  • Marco

    I’m not really a fan of Sony but this is one of the best looking Android devices out there and performance seems good

  • Johnathan

    Went in to look at it and I was told that Rogers wasn’t letting them do Hardware upgrades which kinda sucks.

    You can only buy outright or sign up for a new contract. Apparently you can get it on a hardware upgrade later this year.

  • DD

    Why can’t Sony just sell this unlocked????? Why does it have to go with a stupid firm like Rogers??

    • bummy

      because it probably means saving you 100’s of dollars.

  • Dalex

    The only USP for this device is the looks and I do not believe that’s enough to justify 500$. Seriously GB in April 2012 is impossible to justify. It just seems that Sony wanted to rush out a product under their own new brand and this is the result.

    I’d have to check if there already custom ICS roms for it so I can switch right after buying it. HD Res or not, I’m not using GB with their Timescape UI even if you paid me.

  • TheCyberKnight

    Will get ICS some time this year? What the hell is going with Android?

    Jelly Bean is about to lauch this fall. Will Sony actually release ICS before JB? This is pathetic.

  • Kay

    I live in Toronto, brought my XS from UK few weeks ago.
    I’m glad I don’t have to see that ugly Rogers screen when my phone turns on and not stuck with all the Rogers s**t apps!
    -white xs-

  • marcoh92

    Impressive specs. I know a lot of people prefering to have a better camera (refering to that 12 MP) than a better processor. I just wish there was some review website that did extensive smartphone camera reviews like there is for processors (via benchmarks). 12 MP means nothing against 8MP, and comparing a bunch of pictures isn’t really quantitative.

  • Marbles383

    Is $499.99 month-to-month the same as outright? Rogers usually requires a 30 day activation for month-to-month pricing and outright is higher.

  • John

    Ian please edit the post. You are not able to do hardware upgrades at the moment. Only a new activation or buy outright. Called every Sony store including eaton center and u can not do upgrades for this one and u need to wait…

  • EAK47

    It is now 580$ shipped on eBay.

    Same price if we include taxes here.

  • WP74life

    Another day, another boring release of an android phone that will last 2 weeks.

  • Mario Landa

    Yesterday, I was here in Montreal at the Sony Store that is inside the Eaton Center, I am already a business customer with Rogers and actually I can upgrade my cellphone once every year, so I just go there and explian all that to the sales rep and he mention “This is only for new customers”
    So I think I will wait for the Samsung Galaxy S3, since they don’t allow us to get this upgrade.
    Also all the people at the Store are more into the fotball match than the new Sony Xperia S hahahaha!!! I was imagine that they have a line up for the phone!!!

  • baljinder

    is it possible to unlock the sony xperia s????because i want send this mobile to india