Samsung eeks top sales spot from Nokia in handset sales last quarter, Reuters says


  • MrToronto1

    Way to go Sammy!!!

  • Zagabog


  • Tomatoes

    All hail the Galaxy S3!

    On a serious note, why do the crappy Apple fanboy journalists report on every sing china only or third world country budget handset Samsung releases while they ignore the foreign Nokia, Pioneer, Sharp etc.handsets? That negative image of Samsung trying to confuse the North American consumer really needs to stop. Samsung has different markets and North America will not see 95% of these handsets yet the journalists cover them to fuel this negative image that Samsung doesn’t deserve. Irresponsible journalism for sure.

    • PkaTka2

      Samsung deserves as much negativity as possible. It’s complete crap. Not only can’t they put a decent software together (see BADA os), but they also somehow managed to make ICS crappy. The world has to many nerds who get nergasims when they see a 839989 core processor, instead of buying something well put together with a nice software (ie HTC handsets).

  • Chris Dunphy

    The horrible way Galaxy S2 customers are being treated with the ICS update will come back to bite Samsung. The horrible Kies desktop application is too much to bear as well. GS2 customers are not happy. The hardware is great, and the only saving grace for Samsung is that the bootloader is unlocked so when Cyanogen 9 stabilizes I can go that way. Still, shameful short sighted decision making on Samsung’s part.

    • Bearz

      Get AOKP or Resurrection, they are great for SII

    • Tom

      Waiting a couple few months for ICS is not a surprise – I can handle that.

      But you are right that the support from Sammie is all around terrible.

      The strong support from CM etc., is a big plus, but woe be to the newbie who has a Sammie and encounters problems or has questions.

    • sp

      @Bearz do you know anywhere or any devs that have released a stock Google ICS Rom for the SGS2.

      I would love to run my SGS2 without Touchwiz and have that sexy Google stock ICS.

      any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Justin

      I have a SGSII and was becoming more and more frustrated with the long awaited ICS update, however I know it has reached most carriers right now and its up to them. I put the
      Resurrection Remix PRO ICS ROM and have never seen my phone run as smoothly or battery last as long I have not had a single problem with this rom and have been using it for roughly 2 weeks.

  • Mike Neufeld

    This is going to be a very interesting year for Samsung. S3 is around the corner, ICS is releasing in small #’s and will be in more coming, cant wait to see the flexible screen make way into a prototype device and new tablets on the horizon. Samsung will only be getting stronger and stronger. They are just starting to get in gear and in full swing.