Complete list of the discounted apps in Google’s “7 Days to Play” $0.49 app sale



    APPLE NEVER did this in their market!!


  • TGuy

    World of Goo for 0.49$?

  • John Drake

    how come my android market doesn’t work???

  • milliniar

    now if only it makret worked without having to do a working around on my galaxy nexus

  • JustMeAndMe

    really? what kind of discount is that? for most people it doesn’t really matter, whether app costs 0.49 or 1.99. We are still talking small money.
    Give it for free and that will be a “play”!

    • jellmoo

      Sure, you can buy ten quality apps for the price of a latte at Starbucks with this deal, but that isn’t good enough, they should be free.


  • Adam

    You guys just can’t not complain can you?

    They put apps on sale, and it’s nothing but vbitch, b***h b***h.

  • Andy

    Tune In Radio Pro, the app to get…you can also manage the playlist at

  • LOL

    A lot of people are cheap and think the world should be given to them for free. When apps were 0.10 people STILL complained that they should be free…obviously these people have NO idea on the amount of work and time that goes into programming and developing apps.

  • monsterduc1000

    Make sure to look around more. I got Dead Space for 49 cents as well!

  • Omid

    You should be so dumb to ask for free.If you want it, you have to pay!! nothing is free.What a lame some people are.

  • jonny

    Wheres My Water is on for $0.25 today.

  • shaggyskunk

    not really sure what’s new here? the market works just as well, but at least the market is phone friendly. it IS great to see more paid apps discounted!!

  • Cell Hell

    What a deal, I’ll go to Android market and buy them.

    Oh wait, I can’t because Google screwe dup my Nexus with the last ICS update and the market doesn’t work.

    Thanks Google.

  • technodork

    Just log in through your computer and purchase it in your browser and it will OTA install it. Haha easy fix around the market not working.

  • saffant

    How’s that mSecure app? Heard a lot of goods things about it, but not really sure If I’d really be needing it.

  • WhoCares

    NOVA 2 and Shadowgun have amazing graphics!

  • Dalex

    Shadowgun just looks amazing on the SGS2’s Mali 400 GPU so its quite a steal at 49c. I got SwiftkeyX for 10c last time, but its still a steal at 49c. It’s the best keyboard available and you will never return to stock. It’s a bit creepy just how smart it is, sometimes I only press space for a whole sentence and it knows what I want to write…

  • Mark

    Wow, love Osmos HD. Very calming…