Google Play replaces Android Market, becomes a portal for all your content


  • 7-Down

    All hail Google.

  • Brendan

    Not too much of a big change, but glad to see them putting a bit more organization and development into the market

  • Fred

    Where is my water is at 25c
    and Tunein Radio Pro is at 49c
    World of Goo at 49c too (WORTH IT)

  • kris

    donno how i feel about this one

  • Ben

    Bahhh I preferred Android Market rather than some family-friendly nonsense. Alas, the consolidation Google is pushing for is ultimately for the best. This probably had something to do with the Market crash resulting from the 4.0.2 update.

  • Dave

    Makes sense. “Android Market” was an odd name for a place where you could go to buy books and movies that you could read/play anywhere, not just on your mobile device.

    “Play” feels like a bit of a stretch for non-game apps, but not too bad. I like the logo.

  • deltatux

    I don’t like this rebrand, Android Market actually sounds better since it’s a place that you can buy things. Play sounds like all I’m doing is playing with my device like it’s a toy.

    It’s much more than that, I don’t like it at all tbh.

  • PaulY

    I guess that explains them breaking the Market on 4.0.2

  • Rob

    Does this mean I will be finally able to download stuff without it crashing constantly?

  • Dalex

    Sweet, got Shadowgun for just 49c, awesome. Another reason why Google just wins…

  • Peebos

    Google Play as a re-branded name for Android Market is ghey.

    They seem to be wanting to emphasize the media aspects of what is available but I saw nothing wrong with going to the ‘Market’ to buy Movies/Games/Apps.

  • Apple4Life

    What of rip of off “Play” book.


  • trixie

    So is this why I haven’t been able to use the Market since Friday?

  • Frank

    That’s great and all, but I’ll care more if/when I can download music on “Google Music”. It’d be nice to buy music on android instead of needing to transfer my purchased music from iTunes…

  • kevinc

    Rebranding “Android Market” to “Google Play”? Meh.

    No change to the curation/organization of the store? Meh.

    $0.49 sale on selected Apps? YAY!

    Open up the Music Store to the android users outside the US? Pleeeease???

    • Chris

      Register through a proxy like ninjacloak, it becomes enabled world wide on all devices. Been using it in Canada since June, its fantastic

  • Anonymous

    Can anybody please explain why everything is SO fragmented between states/can? I understand there are certain laws which differ SLIGHTLY but still, it’s crap. I don’t want to hear about things I can’t have (yet, w/e) US get’s exclusivity because it’s a higher pop. pretty much.

    We’re both virtually on the same page, just different spots on that page. You can get pretty much any american media you want anywhere in the world, but in Canada it’s pretty much shoved down our throats, so why the hell don’t we get their s**t if we get their s**t?

    Google Music is what I’m QQ’ing about mostly.

    • monsterduc1000

      @Anonymous. You can blame the CRTC for that. They have unbelievably strict policies regarding this stuff. Send a complaint to them as they are the @$$HOLES doing this!

    • Mark

      Mostly because of licensing. Different groups have rights to media like tv, movies, music in Canada. It is the same reason that Netflix Canada doesnt have the same content at in the US. Google will need to aquire the rights to various sources of music in some cases in each country it wants to launch the service. If the cost of that licensing is too high then Google Music may never launch in that country.

  • Clockwork

    Google Play Gift Cards will start appearing on store shelves to compete with iTunes.

  • Geoff

    I’d have rather they changed it to Google Market or something. I mean, seriously, now if I want to tell someone about a new app I have to say “Oh, you can find that in the Play”.

    No, realistically now I have to say something like “Oh, you can find that by using the Google Play app”. It’s confusing for people who are looking for business oriented apps or even non-fiction books.

  • Droid-ICS

    I don’t think there is a correlation between the Android Market crash under Yakjuux and the new name of the Android Market… well, I don’t see the correlation. Because the Market work well with a factory reset of the phone …

  • tainted cheese

    I think instead of doing a major update like this….maybe google should fix the “your device is not compatible error”….i know alot of tablet users that can’t use half the programs out there….maybe it is time for the developers to get on googles’ case about it….after all they are loosing potential customers.

  • Dece

    Now that i am on google play, i can’t download some apps. it says i am not android anymore?? any comments or ways to get it back to how it was?