Nvidia promises Tegra 3 phones this quarter, LTE chips this year

Nvidia is well on its way to dominating the tablet and phone markets in 2012 if the number of Tegra 3 devices debuting at MWC is any indication. With the HTC One X, the LG X3 P880 and an as-yet unnamed Fujitsu phone being just the ones we know about, Nvidia is promising Tegra 3 devices will ship this quarter in volume.

They’re also saying that, based on their acquisition baseband manufacturer Icera, they will be integrating the company’s 3G/4G chips into their existing SoCs by the end of the year. This is significant in a number of ways, as it will bring die compatibility to Tegra 3 devices, and it will cut down on power consumption significantly. This has been Qualcomm’s goal, too, with its S4 series of chips, so it will be interesting to see who brings integrated LTE to market first.

Nvidia announced its Q4 earnings yesterday, and quoted $360 million sales to its Tegra 2 chipset, a blip on its $4 billion total revenue. The company is promising much higher returns on Tegra 3, which is considerably more powerful than its predecessor. The company’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, claimed that a portion of that Tegra revenue will be attributed to Windows 8 on ARM tablets.

Source: Nvidia
Via: The Verge

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