SaskTel is first in Canada to release the HTC Radar (Windows Phone)


  • mongoose

    So, a device inferior to the Lumia 710 costs 1.5 times more?

  • Josh

    Of course sasktel got it first. No other provider wanted it lol

  • JustAnotherDan

    The Lumia 710 is a POS. Unless the AWS carriers like WIND and Mobilicity can get the Lumia 900, the Radar is a good alternative.

  • kyle

    It’s better or worse than the Lumia 710. It’s worse in that the cpu is 1ghz instead of 1.5. It’s better in that it has a front facing camera. I would bet that the pricing difference is due to Nokia being a more powerful company than HTC and Nokia being a special windows phone partner for Microsoft.

  • Daver

    Worse than the Nokia Lumia 710? How? Slower processor is the only spec it loses out on. But adds the following that the Lumia 710 doesn’t have:

    Front facing camera
    Internet sharing
    Aluminum body
    Hair bigger screen

  • TheTigerTek

    I take the subway 3 or 4 times a week to downtown Toronto… over the years I’ve only seen one person with a Windows Phone. Most of the people have BlackBerry, iPhone and now I see some Android phones. I’m hoping Lumia 900 will catch people’s attention.

  • mongoose

    Nokia has it’s Drive navigation app (better than any other phone). And Nokia is a better PHONE, in that it gets far better reception than your HTC’s and Samsung’s.
    This alone beats the superficial added “features” HTC might have.

  • JB

    The Samsung Focus that is available unlocked on for $240 seems like a good deal vs the Radar, but as pointed out above, does not include a front Camera.

    Seems like quite a lot to pay for a crappy front facing camera

  • B.W.

    I’m not going near a Windows Mobile phone by HTC with a 50 foot pole. Been there twice (SMT-5600 and Touch Diamond) and both times I was NOT happy.

  • whocares

    Cows use cell phones???

  • Adam

    @B.W. I used to have the HTC S640 back in the day, and it was complete garbage, but I must say, Windows 7 OS is SO much better than the OS on the devices you and I used (Windows Mobile 6.5, I believe? could be wrong).