HTC Radar reportedly coming to Videotron this Spring


  • Blaise

    Nice to see Videotron getting a Windows Phone even though it will probably not get them that more clients….its La Presse not La Press (but who cares really. Good News for everyone more choices in the OS sector.

    • Alex Perrier

      C’est une bonne option comparé au HTC Snap/Dash/Maple sorti auparavant. Par contre, je ne veux pas Vidéotron. WIND offre un meilleur prix. Oui, je sais, ils ne sont pas au Québec hormis Gatineau…

  • Adam

    You’ve got to love the build of most HTC phones these days.

  • wewewi

    14 months too late for the party; this piece of sheep doesnt even have one of those 1.4ghz chips.

    • swizzlerz

      windows phone 7 is more efficient and doesn’t require extreamly fast chips to run the os compared to other os’s that are less effeicient and do not come with hardwear excelerated internet explorer 9.

  • Matches Malone

    agree it is a bit late for this phone to come out right now but at least it has a FFC hopefully they price it similar to the Nokia Lumia 710

  • Alex Perrier

    *joyful wolf howl*
    This or Nokia?
    i thought Nokia and WIND/Mobilicity/Vidéotron were BFFs! Are they?

  • Rogers CEO

    I got this phone from T-Mobile and I use it on Mobilicity. It is absolutely wonderful, super responsive and great battery life. The most beautiful phone I have ever seen also (still haven’t seen the Lumina 900 ). Where are all the Android fanboys to tell me that it is not quadcore? The device performs faster than the latest dual core Androids under heavy load (tons of apps running simultaneously) and just as fast under normal load. It is better than the Lumina 710 in my opinion, but probably not better than Lumina 800 or 900.

  • Montrealer

    8GB not expandable is a joke

    • Dimitri

      Same goes for the iPhone. The do not let you put SD cards and only make you have 8/16/32/64 ( different models).

    • Alex Perrier

      It’s not bad for a midrange phone. Microsoft is banking that customers will use the 25 GB SkyDrive cloud storage, which is all right for multimedia. However, this needs a proper Internet plan or frequent Wi-Fi access. With Vidéotron, Internet usage costs a lot, though. They’re basically a Québec-wide provider with so-so prices.

  • kad


    this is one UGLY phone!

  • Big Ang

    Anyone wanna guess the price?

    My (completely off-the-wall) guess is $400 off contract for (routinely overpriced) Videotron, $325 for Wind, and $300 for Mobilicity (if they get it).

    With a price-drop after 3 months to compete with the Lumia 710 that MAY have AWS bands.

    I would choose this over the Lumia 710 ONLY if internet sharing doesn’t appear on the Lumia. If it does, then it’s the Lumia 710 over this any day.

  • TheCyberKnight

    This is a very bad choice Videotron!
    If you’re that late in the Windows Phone game, at least offer one with the latest hardware. Considering the Lumia 710 extreme low price at Rogers, there are very few reason to join your network.
    I don’t know who took this decision but it’s shameful.

    • Me

      Nokia were asking WAY too much to carry the Lumia 900 and Vidéotron needs cashflow for the 700mHz auction later this year.

  • Eli

    I am a Videotron sibrcsuber for Internet and digital TV. I have 2 services. Not 3. So I’d be paying the extra $10?Yes. Counting the number of Emails sounds rediculous. I get around 40 Emails a day [my Videotron Email is also sent to my BlackBerry.Everything in the unlimited is great if you are in Quebec and calling someone from quebec. After that, probably not.Interesting that there are contracts considering Videotron did away with contracts for the Internet.