Rogers LG Optimus 3D receiving Android OS 2.3.5 upgrade February 1st… here’s the full change log


  • Big Dog

    No ICS love for the LG 3D 🙁 epic Rogers fail

  • Apple4Life


  • monsterduc1000

    Wow! And I thought moto was slow with the updates…

  • wewewi

    Looks like a very nice update;

    That being said,
    LG still busy pushing a first Gingerbread update for a year-old phone is laughable.

    • sak500

      You’re wrong, phone is just 5 months old the OS is a year old. I bought it when it was not even launched in my region in Sept 2011. It was officially rlsd in July or August so how come it’s a year old?

      I already have the update since november thanks to CFW and people at XDA.

  • andy

    well it is about time. I will believe it when i see it on my phone. It has been a long time coming.

  • Anirask

    I’ll let you guys get back to talking the joys of Android in a moment but I havta say… My LG Quantum Windows Phone, that came to market 7-8 months before this particular device (Nov 2010), has received all the updates that Microsoft has made available(even the latest bug fix 8107), even though LG itself has discontinued the device.

  • TheCyberKnight

    Yawnnn. Another Android phone receiving an obsolete OS version. Where’s ICS? Will they ever receive it?

  • Kyle

    How will i get it? Using the LG updater tool?

  • dusty

    well its the first and no update yet 🙁

    • swedechef

      I know, I’ve been checking all morning.

  • swedechef

    Well.. I just tried the update and it won’t go to 2.3.5.
    It ran the download/install utility, downloaded 397megs and installed, but after the phone reboots, it is still on 2.2.2

  • Kyle

    Just spoke to tech online about update through rogers they said
    “Unfortunately we have not been advised that the update is going to be released today. Where did you hear see this information?”
    Then he said ” The only information that we have been provided at the moment was that your model will be getting ice cream sandwich in the second or third quarter of this year.”

  • Kevin

    I still can even get to the screen that says update I get

    Country: Canada
    Model: LGP925G
    Version: V10C


    The Cell Phone is the latest version already. So no need to update!

  • dusty

    Ya this info is no good unless we see it in a day or two rogers and lg both have no clue about this update im pissed.

  • Kyle

    as am i, this is ridiculous. I contaced another LG online support person and he said he was just informed GB will be released but a time frame was not certain and he could not even tell me if it was for rogers or not which was absolutely no use at all. I think no gingerbread for us and looks like we’ll be waiting a year for ICS if they don’t just decide to skip that one too.

  • wowww

    ive been waiting all day and theres no update.
    I contacted lg and they said its gonna be out around the 3/4 of the year. THIS IS BS Bro.

  • dusty

    they should just release the sourse code so we can make our own roms be way faster then waiting for these guys

  • tony

    updates out getting it now

  • swedechef

    Update is out and I now have 2.3.5

  • brent

    Getting the update right now

  • Kyle

    yep.. updates out finally

  • wowww

    okay i am updating it right now but its stuck at 4 percent , i will post again if it finishes downlaoding

  • dusty

    i got the update the other day and now we just need to find a root for this version

  • heyyyy

    How do i get the update

  • petergunn

    Hey guys update is a out.