Sony Ericsson has shipped 28 million Xperia smartphones to date

At CES this year there was lots of hype for the future of Sony Mobile Communications, formerly Sony Ericsson. Before the official transaction gets the go-ahead there are some loose ends to tie up. Sony Ericsson has reported their 2011 Q4 financial results and they have announced  they’ll a pre-tax loss of about $317 million (247 million euros). Bert Nordberg, President & CEO of Sony Ericsson said the reasons for the loss was due to “intense competition, unfavorable macroeconomic conditions and the effects of a natural disaster in Thailand”.

As for specific results, Sony Ericsson shipped 9 million handsets in the quarter, a 20% decrease compared to Q4 2010. However, a couple years back they decided to make Android their primary OS and stated Q4 handset shipments were 9 million. A staggering 80% of these were Xperia Android smartphones (7.2 million) – thus bringing the total shipments of Xperia smartphones to 28 million to date .

In the press release it was stated that “Sony Ericsson estimates that its share of the global Android-based smartphone market was 10% in volume and 7% in value during the quarter and 10% in volume and 10% in value for the full year… Sony Ericsson estimates that the global smartphone market for the full year 2011 increased by 60% in volume to 463 million units. Sony Ericsson estimates strong growth in the smartphone market in 2012.”

From what we’ve seen so far, confirmed or leaked devices, such as the Xperia S or Xperia Ion, 2012 is certainly shaping up to have a solid start.

Source: Sony Ericsson
Via: PocketNow

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