Lenovo plots Android takeover with IdeaTab S2 tablet


  • Alex Perrier

    Too many posts about not-so-mobile tablets! :S

  • Sean

    My Transformer says “hissss hisss”

  • skullan

    What needs to happen is tablets will need to take the approach of PCs.

    – Upgradable (CPU + GPU, Internal Memory).
    – New OS able to be ‘installed’.
    – Operating System ‘flavour’ of your choice. SoC could be integrated into this model as well.

    We need to move past the Android, Windows, iOS or BB10 debate. Platform independence. The market needs to focus on the hardware and the applications, not the Operating System.

    • Rio

      Upgradeable CPU And GPU? thats never going to happen, it defeats the purpose of a tablet. Tablets are made in one pieces, meaning everything is soldered onto the main board and thats it.

      Focus more on Hardware? we have quad core tablets, what more do you want?

      You clearly don’t know how things work, so you want standalone applications? All applications need a OS to run on.

      What your describing is Apple.

  • Awkward Turtle

    I wish this would go away so I can just buy the Asus Transformer Prime.

  • deltatux

    Looks very slick but I’m still sticking with the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime (seriously ASUS, find a shorter name :P)

    As for the comment about making tablets more PC-like, I think the poster is failing to see that tablets were meant to be embedded devices that are pick-up and go. It wasn’t really meant for expandibility. Sure, I also wish you can expand the internal memory, but that defeats its primary purpose which is a highly portable, little-to-no learning curve, media consumption device.

    Tablets are not meant to replace laptops or desktops (it can duplicate the functionality, but I doubt it will actually replace them), it’s meant to complement them. For years people have said that desktops are dead and all we need are laptops but look around the market, yes desktops have seen a decline, but they are still the workhorse for many corporations worldwide and can still be found in many homes especially those with PC gamers.

    One should not look at tablets like PCs because they’re not. They’re meant for quick and easy portable Internet access, for you to read eBooks and the like. They’re also not meant to replicate the PC experience either. Tablets are its own class of hardware.

    • Stuntman

      I for one would love to have a device as compact and mobile as a tablet with the functionality of my PC. I want to get rid of my PC and replace it with a tablet with a good keyboard dock. My Eee Pad comes close, but is not there. I hope tablet technology will get there in a few years. I have already gone away from desktops and to a laptop with my last 2 computers. I can’t wait to be able to go away from a laptop to a tablet+keyboard dock in the coming years.

  • L

    1.1 pounds (500g) is actually ridiculously light considering the Prime is 1.49 pounds…

    • L

      *1.3 pounds sorry

  • Ben Dover

    Just dual core? That’s so 2011. Fail.

  • primetime

    Less Bezel than Transformer prime? Hmm I jabber to rethink my eventual purchase

  • Ben Dover

    Wtf is mondrian? A cure for yeast infections? Can’t they just leave ICS ALONE?

  • skullan


    I do understand how these things work as they stand now, I am proposing change to extend the life of case, monitor and mainboard. Right now we have no option but to waste the resource on a one shot toy.

    Standardizing CPU slot (yes, they combine gpu)
    Create a standard bus for an optional CPU

    A creation of standards for hardware now would help prevent fragmentation due to a hardware standard that System on a Chip vendors could work with.

    I’m proposing obvious change, thinking outside the box.

  • EmperumanV

    So how does this compare with that of the original Transformer and its keyboard docking station?

    • Stuntman

      I think we’ll have to wait to see a video before we can get a better idea of how good the keyboard dock is. I cannot tell from the pictures alone.

  • Eric Huang

    Wow omg i thought it said $2 tablet which is why i thought it caused the android takeover, after i read it over, it made so much more sense