“iPhone 5,1” appears in iOS 5.1 beta


  • saffant

    Not even announced yet and they’re already releasing a fix. Good stuff.

  • Peter

    Cue the anti-Apple comments in 3…2…

  • Peter

    AHHH somebody even beat my countdown!!!!!!! Way to go saffant.

    • saffant

      Hating on your rival OS’s bugs and issues? Two can play that game 😉

      Gotta love the double standard.

  • kendomaster

    Expect more heavy marketing capitalizing on Steve Job’s death. 2012 will be the year of the iPhone 5, although Google will still have an edge by having the greatest tech specs on the market. BlackBerry and Nokia? Irrelevant.

  • Brad F

    Apple’s working on future products? Really? You don’t say…

    Must be a slow news day.

  • bassbeast

    Good lord, people! How are you ALL missing this?

    iPhone 4,1 = original release of iPhone 4
    iPhone 4,2 = Verizon CDMA hardware
    iPhone 5,1 = iPhone 4S

    Now the iPad stuff sounds neat, but the iPhone thing is pretty bunk.

  • Justin

    bassbeast is right, the next iPhone will be the IPhone 6. iPhone 4s is the 5th iPhone.

  • Shane

    Although technically the 3GS was the 4th Iphone, the “Iphone 4” is still called the Iphone 4 they may be following this similar mindset with the “Iphone 5”

  • Teddy

    The iPhone 3gs was the 3rd iPhone. iPhone -> iPhone 3G -> iPhone 3Gs -> iPhone4