Nokia Canada will launch “a number of Windows Phone devices” early 2012


  • Alex Perrier

    Missing Christmas. 🙁

  • leobg

    Looks like not the first Christmas these phones have missed, given the specifications…

  • John Lee

    Nokia: please make these phones pentaband-HSPA devices.

    • pasuljko

      Not a chance …

      Nokia is now compliant company playing by the rules of the carriers, so no more pentaband, no more direct sale of unlocked phones. Hello contracts, imposible to unlock phones … 🙁

  • Montrealer

    wow 2012, that’s it Nokia, I’ve waited enough.

  • gjac0m

    “The United States is scheduled for an early 2011 release…”

    Really? So, the US are already selling these phones?

  • Tom

    Those are beautiful looking phones – it’s a shame that MS has hijacked Nokia so that we won’t see any Nokia Android phones.

  • JustAnotherDan

    Specs are already out for these two models.

    • Alex Perrier

      But you would think that Nokia loves AWS carriers like WIND and Mobilicity. 🙁

    • Erik

      Quite sad, since I would have loved to have one of these on WIND.

  • jB

    Blah, they didn’t even announce the Nokia 900. If anything, I’d just wait for that one to release and buy it unlocked online.

  • Patrick

    I would buy if it was running Android.

  • Gab

    This reminds me of the age of designer phones. This almost seems to be almost more about looks.

  • zar

    too little, too late

  • Hooray

    Wp7 is awesome.
    I had android for 2 years and now that I am on Wp7, HAHA
    Never go back to that shitty, lag, horrible, non-fluid, Horrible Android.
    Yes, I used custom roms and overclock, still Suck.
    WP7 FTW

  • Peter

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that I think there’s a good chance that a large, possibly majority, section of the population doesn’t care that much about RAM or dual-core processors or anything of that nature. I think the mobile industry is very much about outside appearances, people want a phone that looks slick and functions well (like an iPhone). In that respect, I think Nokia’s on the right track here – these are going to pull in people who are tired of super-powered black bricks (that’d be you Android phones).

  • SS

    I thought Canadians are stupid (I am Canadian!), see, Iphone probably has 80% market share in this country, you can tell how stupid they are. I find people really use their brains here, surprise.

    • user

      @SS Agree with you, but no, iphone doesn’t have that much market share in Canada. Blackberry is still the most popular smartphone (feature phone) in this country. That’s how stupid Canadian are.

    • George K

      Why does wanting an iPhone make you stupid?

  • SS

    @George K

    Wanting any phone don’t people stupid, what makes people stupid is everybody only listen to what others say, that leads to very one do the same thing (usually stupid thing). They should use their own judgement. frankly, iphone is no longer the best phone in market. it looks old and dated comparing with Windows Phone. What people do in this country does not reflect what they need or like in proportion. By the way, people’s perspective towards Jack Layton, Obama, or Gorge Bush, reflect general stupidity in this country. Again, I am Canadian, and i am not proud of this.

  • Mike

    Well isn’t this typical Canada. Almost every other country will get it before 2012, and we will get it “early” 2012. You just lost a sale Nokia/Micro$haft. I was going to get this phone if it came here in November. But by the time this phone comes here, newer/better phones will already be announced at CES/MWC, so what’s the point. Was going to get the Droid Razr, but since that’s going to Rogers, no way. And what he means by “similarly spec’d devices”, he means they will use lower-end hardware and take out some features, and jack up the price. Just look for example what they did the Samsung Fascinate 3G and others.

  • arkeetek

    If the Focus S comes out first, Samsung will get my money.

  • firzen_net

    I find it funny how people are stating that they’re Canadian on a Canadian-based mobile news site. It’s not like we’re on Engadget or techradar guys :D.

    I do see a lot of bbms on campus. It always puzzles me, and my friends don’t believe me when I tell them bbm is losing marketshare. There are more android phones around, but a huge chunk of my friends all ordered the iphone4s. Nothing for W7/8 phones though at all. Someone did raise a good point about looks, and these phones do look pretty good.

  • frederick edwards

    Update from Clove:

    Black Lumia 800 shipping on Nov 16.
    Magenta by Nov 28th. (Blue? Not sure).
    Sim-Free shipping early January.

    Bad news on the 2month delay for those looking for an unlocked import. Good news is that demand is much higher than anticipated and Nokia can meet the carrier demand, but unlocked will have to wait.

  • Entegy

    Too long. Missing Christmas is bad.

  • Van. Toronto

    I think that pll knows better that what we think.
    I think there are reasons why they cant make it earlier?

    • samintosh

      @Van. Toronto There are reasons they can’t make it earlier! Simply, because they have not respect for the Canadian market. I would not take a Nokia even if it is sent to me for free!!