Asus debuts Transformer Prime tablet with quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3


  • Al

    cools, quad cores are finally here…. but this should really be the end of core wars…. after quad core, i feel companies should focus on other aspect of the device (e.g. screen, camera lens, special features)

    • Sean

      Agreed the only thing I dislike about this tablet is that they should improve the screen resolution i mean the Nexus Pri- Galaxy Nexus has a screen equal to this and it is way way smaller.

  • Nascar39

    This is going right on my Christmas list!! I may even wait to do a phone upgrade till next year now. I really like the reduced power consumption that the Tegra 3 chip offers.

    • RIo

      I completely agree, from now it is going to be more software than hardware that gets people’s attention

  • Guysmiley

    While I’m really happy currently with the Transformer, especially for school, I think i’ll be selling it for this one when it comes out. More juice in gaming, less juice in consumption (for email etc.), and 8.3mm thin? Love it.

  • Stefan

    I’m happy to see these are going to be out before the end of the year. The only thing I hope for in the future is that the bezel decreases. I’d love to have a nearly edge-to-edge screen.

  • alex

    what’s the point of having an edge-to-edge screen on a tablet though? you’re gonna end up accidentally touching the screen just by holding it…

  • TeknoBug

    Pretty neat, I bet the battery life would be 75 minutes with quad cores. 🙂

    Looks like they’re starting to jump too far ahead like the PC industry is, there’s 8-12 core CPUs available but we only need 4 cores, this quad core tablet will be EOL in a year or two after release anyways.

  • ghost

    im as much as a hardware nut as the next guy but..

    no app from the android market will likely benefit much from from the additional processors at this stage in the game

    a few tegra optimized games might
    and emulators for ps2 or dreamcast also would if they existed

  • jeremy

    i just dreamt that i had this 🙁
    wake up to a sad, brokeass student’s reality

  • ELNY

    ICS will take advantage of multiple cores. Also, I cant wait for Samsung to release their version of this !

  • HTCmachine

    Yeah this thing sounds great but I would wait few months for a healthy competition to kick in and reduce the prices on all the quad core tablets and also wait up till they polish out all the bugs they might have. I dont think

    You can bet Samsung will be ready with their own quad core soon.

    • HTCmachine

      I dont think I would buy it right away specially cause they will need to update it to ICS. Wait till they do and see what others say if there is bugs or not and then buy. Just my 2cents.

  • Reg

    Now this is what tablets should start looking like in the near future. Unfortunately I need to use IE or IE tab on Chrome for a work. I’m looking forward to the day where I can completely ditch my laptop and work off a tablet!

  • astudent

    I have no plans to get an android tablet but as a transformers fan, do you realize how tempting this just for the #$%$#% name of the tablet!?

  • choy

    I’m waiting for the Transformer Unicron, which is a tablet based off a 65-inch LCD TV.


    Looks like a happy user there in the photo.

  • Andy A

    Where is the transformer megatron? Lol but really this is awesome news, it helps that the old transformer will be even cheaper to buy