TELUS launches a $70/month 6GB plan that includes Nationwide calling, Alberta and British Columbia only


  • Paulman

    But no Caller ID / Call Display included? 😛 I hate it when they do that.

  • Sean

    I find it interesting that they are coming out in provinces with new carriers… What about Ontario tho ?

    • RichRich

      Its actually out in Ontario as well. My mom just got the iPhone 4S and is signed up to this plan. What they wont do is let you switch to this plan. Its for NEW 3 contracts only. Kinda sad actually. Its a pretty good plan.

  • Maxime

    It’s out for Quebec as well.

  • Matthew

    Wow, Family Calling x 2! haha

  • Ben Johnson

    If Telus introduces the Galaxy Nexus then I’m switching from Rogers. This is actually not a bad plan especially on a solid network!

  • Lean-N-Supreme

    This would be a perfect plan if it included caller ID

  • jan

    how is this a good deal. This is highway robbery. I mean come on… not even unlimited nationwide calling…. only 200 minutes…. With kodoo at least $45 gets you unlimited nationwide calling. This $70 doesnt even include CD or Vmail…

    f**k I am glad I left telus for wind. Id rather pay .25cents a minute for Long distance and I still end up under what they are asking for this plan.


      Idiot, Koodo doesnt include data. Noob.

    • Miguel A

      ^it does. noob.

    • Unkskrypted

      umm… it comes with voicemail fool… ALL TELUS PLANS DO… and +1 to General Wong said.

    • FadedSpark

      Yeahhhhh winds only useful to people who live in a MAJOR metro area or near one. What if I need to travel to my grandmothers in Ancaster, Ontario? I pay. What if I’m in the wrong wing of mohawk college where winds towers don’t get picked up? I pay.

      I’ll pay the premium every month, thanks.

  • tbr

    BS, join the new entrants and we will see even better pricing from the big three. It’s the three year contract that makes this unappealing.

  • DJM

    God forbid they can throw in CD or at least VM. What a bunch of jokers.

    • Arshad

      All TELUS plans come with standard VM, CW, and Conference Calling…

  • Adam

    I’m really hoping to see this for Rogers as well. I’m sick of paying for the $30 long distance add-on!

    Looks like a great plan! The best in Canada so far! That’s pretty much unlimited everything, except minutes, but who needs unlimited minutes these days anyway.

    Good work, Telus!

    • David

      Not too worry. Bell and Rogers will be matching this. As they ALWAYS do anyways.

    • mongoose

      “but who needs unlimited minutes these days anyway”

      graduate from high school and you’ll know how important minutes are

    • Nicole

      Bell’s already had this plan for a few weeks now.

  • Richard

    Two hundred minutes, i used one hour today calling people that i wouldn’t call often

  • ghost

    its very easy to tell where robelus is going.

    their strategy for these “new” plans is to keep releasing them with small minor improvements while withholding cid/vm which in this day and age is as basic a requirement as a car coming with a steering wheel

    all the while they are increasing margins on cid/vm to balance out or even increase net profits
    they truly are a business first and foremost

    • daveloft

      Yeah your right. It would be SO much better if only one carrier offered 6GB for $30 and the rest only gave 2 or 3 gigs. Those crazy carriers increasing the number of GB’s to better compete with the other carriers. When will they learn.

    • BBMer

      Big 3s are figuring our that:
      Voice is just a small amount of data: 1000 mins of voice local or long distance (its the same network so in technical terms whether data travels to next door or Victoria/Halifax the cost is the same because it stays in your own network; unlike voice where there was a REAL long distance cost for long distance)

      They want to increase the ARPU (Annual Revenue Per User) it used to be around $58 (that’s why all plans were $50) now it looks like they want to increase it to $60 or $70 and STILL NO CID??
      seriously: its the end of 2011, you are signing a 3 yr contract and in 2014 you would be still paying for CID &and or Voicemail?
      at $8 for CID ( A robbery) you are paying for your plan PLUS $288 for CID! if you are OK. with that, go for it. Im not.

  • ghost

    its so stupid that as soon as one of the big 3 release a $30 6 gb data plan, the other 2 follow suits in a few days

    when will the government wake up and smell the COLLUSION that is so rampant in this industry,


    • FadedSpark

      You’re an i***t.

      There, I said it. What everyone was thinking.

      Competition is the first person to do something (Lets say for the sake of argument, Koodo and their long distance. )

      Telus follows with a ten dollar add on, virgin does the same to be able to _______ with Koodo.

      Telus now adds it as a free add on to their promotional plans. This is now telus with a ___________ advantage. Which Bell and Rogers are likely soon to match otherwise they won’t have a _________ plan available.

      You can guess the words.

  • Roxanna

    THANK YOU Wind, Mobilicity, and Public Mobile!

  • Adnan

    actually telus offers voicemail in all there plans

  • Big 3

    Even it’s subsidiary(Koodo) is cheaper than the owner($45 plan)

    and still doesn’t include call display =/

  • EC

    they nickel and dime you for everything,

    if you have a voice plan you should automatically get Caller Display with Name and Voicemail, its just stupid not to have that.

    so glad i switched to Wind, i save so much every year compared to Rogers that i can buy a new phone out right every 11 months.

    robbers was $80 with garbage features and wind is $35 unlimited everything

    • Adnan

      but hows ur coverage?

  • insideLEAD

    does not include nationwide calling in ontario for the 200mins or after 6pm only for the 10 #s

  • Al

    All Telus plans include voice mail. None of them charge system access fees, unlike Rogers and Bell. Rogers and Bell do not include voice mail.

  • Brrr

    Still too expensive. For the same price I get unlimited data and unlimited tethering with MTS.

  • singh


  • Dan J

    This is a good deal? I have everything here, including 5pm eve/wknd, call display, voicemail and it’s $70 after tax.

    Only difference is, I have 5 numbers for unlimited everything, not 10.

  • Andrew

    Does Telus offer a call forward option on this plan? Caller ID?


  • Steven

    Wind has its pros and cons, just like every other provider… If i didn’t start working out of town a lot i woulda stayed with wind, but after spending 3 weeks a month in ft. mac and having 2 consecutive phone bills of nearly $300 cuz of roaming i switched back to telus.
    To all the people ragging on winds coverage there were very few holes, and the places that i had no coverage my new 4g telus phone has no coverage as well(such as over half the bars/restraunts on bourbon street).. Wind even had more bars in my basement at home then telus.

  • keiYUI

    Hey Telus! Can you tell us why you suck so much?

  • Demobot

    Wind Mobile’s coverage is the best of the new entrants. And considering that I can travel through the most popular parts of canada and not roam is a beautiful thing. Using 4GB of data a month is so nice and calling anywhere in Canada or the US without paying long distance fees is beautiful. And paying only $40 a month for all that and more is priceless.

    The only thing that is sweeter is letting someone stuck to Robellus tether to my phone.

  • iEtthy

    Wicked. does it come with CID&VM? If not -BBM NOT interested face-

  • TeknoBug

    This isn’t really a good plan.

  • i_hate_bell

    still f****n expensive.look at the US how cheap this service is. Don’t get me started on how cheap it is in Europe. For $35 in France, unlimited data home internet,mobile,unlimited minutes and cable TV!

  • Spidinator

    I cant even find this promotion at least not with the above mentioned stuff. In BC the 200 min is not Nationwide and neither is the evening and weekends. Only the Fave 10 from what I can see.

  • aviking

    F**k you Telus

    Sincerely the people of Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

  • winduser

    200 minutes lol.
    Paying for incoming calls no thanks – that’s so 2008

  • abc123

    I’m glad I’m with Wind. I get unlimited everything for half the cost.

    For a person who spends 99% of the time within a city, you are better off with the new guys.

  • abc123

    WARNING: You will see the big 3 come out with better and better promos now and until the end of 2012 in an effort to lock in as many customers into a 3 year contract.

    Do not fall for this. The 700Mhz auction is coming which will allow the new entrants to acquire spectrum that is on par with what the big 3 have. It will be a level playing field then.

    So again, don’t lock yourself into a 3 year contract because in a years time the wireless landscape will be drastically changing. And you don’t want to be stuck with an overpriced plan which you will regret because to go on to a better plan would probably require another 3 year commitment or you would have to pay the ETF.

  • Pablo Moses

    + $7 of smartphone use.

  • Arshad

    Doesn’t seem to be available on TELUS’ website for Ontario though…

  • Dewey

    Canadian and North American rates in general are obscene and not in a good way! Pull the wool from your eyes people.

  • GB

    In MB Telus has a $50 plan
    – unlimited local calling
    – unlimited nationwide famly calling
    – unlimited messaging (txt, pic, vid)
    – 5GB of data
    – voicemail

  • ggal

    lmao at 200 min/month rubbish when wind and mobilicity is offering 5 dollars above the half place UNLIMITED…. i guess more people have started switching hehhe cant wait for strong competition to enter insurance

  • Andrew

    Okay, I’m seeing the nationwide if I say I’m in BC but not for ON. Guess I could get a Vancouver number since it’s nationwide. 🙂


  • Andrew

    Or AB. 🙂