Apple leaks “iPhone 4S” and its design within the latest iTunes beta


  • Nascar39

    I am sure I have seen this phone before,……feels like groundhog day!

    • Simon Sage

      NED? Ned Ryerson?!

  • rg

    super nintendo

  • Dimitri K.

    Coming from someone that uses a iPhone, BB & a Nexus S. I am tired of hearing rumors & hearing all this crap. Every day every website says ” we are getting the iPhone 5″ & then they go the next day ” we are getting the iPhone 4s”. Can they not just wait till Tuesday & stop making t harder for us?

    As for this iPhone 4. It either could be the 8gb iPhone or it could be the CDMA version like the rest are saying. We will find out on Tuesday once Apple announce it.

  • kenypowa

    What has Apple been doing in the last 15 months???

    Oh right, filing law suits against everyone else.

    • Jim Caviezel

      I love listening to the nerds with no lives and no wives bash each other’s phones LOL

      How pathetic and sad.

  • Steven:)

    Although I REALLY hope it isn’t gonna look like what that picture shows us,…. I can’t say I’m surprised.

  • patrickm

    IPhone 4s that sounds like a upgraded iPhone 4? that sucks for all u iPhone users so don’t buy it and pick a android u will not go back

  • Jay Jay

    Apple needs to poach some of HTC’s designers!!

  • Terry

    Iphone for Public Mobile? hehe

  • Jay

    How anti climactic would it be if this is what we get?

    LMAO @ kenypowa. so true, so true.

  • bummy

    Its possible the above image is iPhone 4S…. Better specs on same shell…

    And then they also release iPhone5 with different design?

    • bummy

      Or maybe half way thru 4S… the realized it cannot compete with top of the line Android phones, so they decided to sue everyone instead!

  • iTurds

    Omgggggggggggggggggg I can’t wait to stay inline for 10 months to get it! I don’t know if Apple will allow me to have one.. or maybe I should book an apointment 6 months ahead to take the permission to buy one! I can’t wait to put make up and go to starbucks to show off! omggg ! lol

    • David

      Nope, Not a Chance. I have been waitting @ camp out for 16 months and counting, I should be the first to get this “update” outdate iphone.

  • KidCanada

    If only they’d take advantage of all this product excitment and make something worth while…

  • David

    16 months in the making – from iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S.
    These iLosers would not know any difference anyway, or have even thought about it, since most of them are dumb as idonkey.

    • iTurds

      The iTurds will buy anything! even if its backwards like iPhone0.5 lol

    • Jim Caviezel

      I love listening to the nerds like you with no lives and no wives bash each other’s phones LOL

      How pathetic and sad. Its a phone. It makes phones calls. GO out in the real world and get a life. Talk to you later, I am off to meet some friends at the bar.

    • b

      @Jim Great, can you tell your wife on your way out that I’ll be there in 10?

  • Rio

    Lol why do people care so much as to how your phone looks?

    Believe it or not, your average Jo cares more about the software and what it can do and how stable it is etc.

  • Souken

    I don’t necessarily like the iPhone and am loving my Galaxy S II, and as funny as it would be if this does end up being the new phone, I feel I should clear something up about this iPhone 4S.

    If I remember correctly, this *isn’t* the new iPhone. Last I heard, Apple had decided to release two phones, one high-end for the people that could afford it and one mid-end for the people that can’t. What they noticed was that when the iPhone 4 came out, a lot of people had a hard time affording it outright or even its subsidized pricing and ended up going for the 3GS as it took a huge dip in 3-year contract pricing (there were a lot of 3GS’s sold on 3-years after the dip, and the recent iPhone 4 3-year contract dip saw an increase in sales as well).

    So this probably isn’t the new phone that’s been building up a lot of anticipation. The iPhone 5 is still to be announced in a few days, but this iPhone 4S is their mid-end phone that should release with a slightly lower retail price than the iPhone 5.

    • Jake

      It’s not because people couldn’t afford the iPhone 4. People were still buying the 3GS because the antenna on the iPhone 4 sucked donkey balls.
      If after 16 months all Apple puts out is an iPhone 4 refresh, they can kiss their market share goodbye. This could be the break RIM needs to get back in the game.

    • RIo

      All the people i Know bought a 3GS cause it was cheaper.

      Not everyone is a techie like you and me who reads every forum on phones

  • Marc

    I am stoked for Tuesday. Apple makes quality products and the competition it brings to the marketplace is always exciting 🙂

    • Michael

      OK. What is going on here?
      It’s Marc’s right to have an opinion.
      Even though their products break and explode most of the time, it happens with android too – and more frequently (with the lower end phones).

  • swag

    Let the sheep line up for the slaughter.

  • boojay

    The s stands for s**t

    • Leslie

      or iPhone 4 at a wrong time when iPhone 5 a newer and bteter model is (apparently) scheduled for release very quickly added this to their website. You can read the story about adding

  • Lightningrod

    How funny would it be if Tuesdays announcement is something like “We know you’ve all been waiting eagerly, so to end the suspense….the next iphone is……..the iphone 5!!! tadaaaaa!!! Details will be released in two weeks, but now you have the name. “

  • sean

    It’s new! We’ve made it 0.0025″ thinner! It ties into our revolutionary ” cough, cough” icloud. We’ve also copied BBM and Android notifications.

  • Steve Jobs


  • hunkyleepickle

    i am looking forward more to the release of ios5 than any new model of phone, to be perfectly honest. The icloud service, along with the supposed twitter integration, and imessage, has me pretty excited. I do hope for their sake that there is more than just a ‘4s’, otherwise the fanboy wars are going to be un freakin real next week! I’m currently a somewhat disapointed android user (galaxy S captivate), and am looking forward to returning to a nice stable ios. A bigger screen and very good camera could persuade me to drop the $$ for a new iphone version, otherwise, i’ll just get a used 4 and enjoy ios 5 in peace.

    • northy

      I like you had the galaxy S(buddy of mine has the S2,it is amazing) and i also had the xperia x10 (didnt like either phone) so I went back to iphone got me the 4,, used it for awhile the whole time it felt as if there was something missing, and there is, it is boring dated, web without flash sux, and all glass phone is just stupid,I am now the proud owner of the Nexus, Battery life is amazing, fun to use, and updates are constant and fast(no waiting for the carrier)
      so if you are looking for a iphone4 i have one in my night stand with a otterbox

  • Nick

    Maybe they’re releasing an updated lower-end iPhone called the 4S AND the high end iPhone 5? Low-end gets a minor refresh under the same design as the 4 while the high-end iPhone 5 gets a new design.

  • Peters

    The iStink.

  • Rick Whitley

    Wonder if the are adding a standard to do/task app. All the icons are built in apps except “Reminders” in the centre-left. At least as far as I can tell

  • Brayden

    The only exciting part of the iPhone 4s is that the price of the S2 will drop 🙂 🙂

  • sean

    I really hope they do have an iPhone 5, because if they’re just bringing it up to the standard of other phones from 4 months ago I’m going to weep for the world when the sales numbers come in (aka the world i***t tally)

  • d

    I don’t like apple, but even I know that apple is not stupid enough to release a sub standard phone. It will be a good, that a ton of people will buy. Not me though, I want a nexus.

  • Mike

    Holy crap! It better not look like that!!!! Why the hell would apple make a phone with a super small screen, that’s thicker than almost every other smart phone out there!? It took them THIS LONG to make something that’s virtually exactly the same? WTF?! If the new iPhone looks like that, I’m going to get the HTC Runnymede or Holiday from E-Bay! EFF YOU APPLE FOR MAKING ME WAIT SO LONG FOR A PIECE OF CRAP!