RBC says there’s “unprecedented iPhone 5 demand”


  • northy

    how would anyone know till you see actuall specs,,

    • Stephen81BB

      Because MOST consumers don’t really care about specs,
      They are told what specs to care about through advertising, and no one does it better than Apple.

      I know people VERY unhappy with their iPhones, BUT they plan to buy another iPhone when their contract is up, because it’s easier than learning something else…

    • The Book of Lazaridis

      iPhone 5 will be DOA

    • KnightFire

      The iPhone 5 will not be DOA, look at all us Canadians just coming off our 3 year contracts still with 3G’s – either I’m buying an iPhone 5 or a Galaxy S II next.
      Now… if we only had 2 year maximum contracts I’d bet you’d see this “unprecedented” phone interest every two years instead of three.

  • Syrenz

    @Northy: Welcome to The Cult of Apple.

    • Dingo


  • Betty Koyle

    how can a bank know if there is demand? do people tell the tellers about how they want iPhone 5

  • Potent Potable

    “Cult of Apple”?

    If being part of this “cult” means that I get an extremely high-quality phone with an outstanding OS, and which syncs perfectly with my Macs and iPad, then by all means I’d love to join.

    Apple is not perfect — in terms of products and corporate administration — but to attempt to insult them and their users just because they are one of the most valued and liquid-richest companies in the world is plain ol’ jealous hating. Seriously, it’s pathetic.

    • Astralmind

      Please… Outstanding OS ? How ? What is outstanding about it ?

      Being able to “perfectly” sync with 2 other Apple products… how is that a spectacular feature ?

      Those “features” are what makes Apple products superior ?

      You can have your opinion and prefer a product over another one but stating that the above makes them better is … depressing.

    • Stephen81BB

      I very much agree! Apple doesn’t make crap products, they are beautiful but to say they have an outstanding OS is flawed, it is an Outstanding app launcher for an outstanding application library of 3rd party applications.
      If everything you own is Apple, then by all means stick to Apple, but once you leave the apple fold you discover how not friendly Apple products are with non Apple products.

    • Dave

      Well! “Outstanding” meant by stealing ideas and patents from other manufacturers. LOL

  • patrick

    where did rbc poll these people at a apple convention trying to sell visa cards I bet

    • nmart

      RBC Capital Markets is the investment division of Royal Bank. The guy is most likely an analyst covering tech companies

  • Bill

    The article fails to mention whether those asked were current iPhone owners – my guess would be yes.

  • Steve

    I am convinced that if Apple took the iPhone 4 off the market and re-released it completely unchanged as the all new iPhone 5 it would still outsell every other phone on the market. Pretty sad really.

    • Thai

      And those sheeple will rave about how it’s a technological breakthrough!

    • Deli

      Actually, more like repackaged the original iphone 2G and still sell them.

  • Adam

    I suppose that it is fair to say that it is ‘unprecedented’, but only because there has NEVER BEEN A PREVIOUS DEMAND FOR IPHONE 5. I’m guessing that RBC just wants to create hype here to drive up the value of their Apple investments in the wake of Job’s retirement or the fact that most SENSIBLE people will be gun shy to throw a pile of money down for a phone that will likely need updates/revisions to be worth buying. Remember antenna-gate?

    Personally, I never allow the opinions and statistics trotted out by BANKS to influence my purchasing decisions, or opinions of a product or service.

  • treysparker

    I was a part of this survey and i answered somewhat likely.
    I lied. I just put anything down to complete the damn thing.

    RBC is foolish if they trust this. In fact i just stopped using my iPhone to buy a Bold 9900. You’re going to see a severe deceleration in the purchasing of iPhones this year and next.

  • Trevor

    It’s all about statistics based on location. I wouldn’t take it to seriously. walk around my office and you’ll find 60% of people looking for a new Blackberry, walk into a mall and you may have the same number dreaming of an iPhone 5 or the latest and greatest Android phone.

  • jim

    Fact: More people want to swap their Samsung Galaxy 2 for an iPhone 4 then the other way around. That is the truth. The only people that don’t seem to like the iPhone are the Androtards that have convinced themselves they are too good to buy one. Androtards there is a reason why it is the number 1 selling phone.

    • Stephen81BB

      I truly would like to know where you get your facts, IF given an iPhone 4 tomorrow, I would promptly return it, upon having a conversation with my company VP or sales and marketing about iPads for the staff, I said save the money, I would not want to use it, IF I was forced to use the iPhone/iPad for work my job satisfaction would be reduced and I’d be looking for other employment( the fact they moved us to Nissans from Fords already has put this loss of job satisfaction in place, iOS crap would just be that straw to break the camels back)
      But back to point, NOT everyone wants an iPhone 4, Many Android users are happy with their purchase, and wouldn’t trade their device in for the smaller iPhone 4, as I wouldn’t trade my BlackBerry 9900 in for either the iPhone 4 (or 5) or a Samsung G2



      FACT: He gets his facts from me.

    • Zonk

      you are an i***t FactFinder

  • Interesting

    Well, it’s not like Canadian mobile trends are ahead if the curve on much else.

  • Patrick

    Most likely is that those who are wanting to get the iPhone 5 are those who have completed there service contracts and are annoyed about the horrible performance of iOS on the 3G/3GS models.

    And where is the column in the graph for “Not a chance”? I love my Windows Phone 7.

  • Rich

    iOS may not have as many features as Android, but it works far more reliably. Anyone that thinks Android isn’t beta software is just nuts… some amateur developers are the only ones that made Android tolerable.

    • stalemate

      iOS works more “reliably” is disputable, but it does work well as long as you use it within Apple’s closed garden.

      Now for me, and the majority of the worldwide smartphone market (where Droids outsell iPhone by almost 250% according to Gartner in the last quarter), flexibility is where it’s at. We don’t want to buy a device that is tied into a closed ecosystem.

      I want to be able to tweak my phone as I see fit, and my unrooted Atrix allows me to do that better than a jailbroken iPhone 4*. I don’t feel like I’m *leasing* my smartphone from my provider.

      Oh, and if I want to swap out batteries to extend my phone’s uptime, I won’t void the warranty doing so.

      *Not considering arguments of jailbroken iPhones here, since that is no longer an “iPhone” as its leash to iTunes is severed. Nor am I comparing rooted Droids, since those are for the braver tweakers who don’t mind instability from their experimenting.

  • Vito

    @Jim – Using terms like Androtards does not make your opinion more valid – I would argue it does the opposite. A friend and I both went from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy S II and I know someone else who wants to do the same thing. Take that for what it’s worth.

    On the point of this “research”, the 12-13% “likely” and 13-18% “somewhat likely” increases represent an 8.3% and 38.5% increase respectively – which sounds pretty good until you learn that the smartphone market increased by 79% this year. That means the increase in demand for iPhones didn’t keep up with the increase of the overall market.

    Basically, only people looking for a smartphone are likely or somewhat likely to buy an iPhone. So if the amount of people looking for smartphones increases by 79% then all things being equal, the “demand” for iPhones should also increase by a similar amount. If the demand remained constant we should see 21.5% ‘likely’ and 23.3% “somewhat likely”. Now, I’m not a statistician, but the fact that there is such a disparity in growth between the “likely” and “somewhat likely” expected growth in the “likely” camps is because now people are evaluating other options instead of just getting an iPhone.

  • Aaron

    I don’t believe it’s ever a question of the Iphone not being “cool” with students, it’s a question of price point. As we all know, The IPhone never drops in price and is typically more expensive than any other phone on the market. Where most every other phones will dramatically drop in price just after a couple of months on the market (See the Galaxy S2 is now at $69) the IPhone commands a premium and will remain at that price point until they lower the price on the heels of a new model release. Students for the most part have a limited budget and I believe they make their choices accordingly.

  • Vince

    The majority of iphone owners I know have not done any research into what else is out there. They have heard good things about the iphone (either from friends or succumbed to marketing) and/or have other apple products making them more likely to stick with that they know.

  • Stuntman

    Apple is the king of vapourware marketing.

  • Mark

    I think what they really mean is that there is unprecedented *smartphone* demand. The market is absolutely booming right now. Did anyone also ask, “Will you buy an Android?” And how many of those surveyed will sit down to do research and but Android instead once they obtain enough knowledge to make a $500 purchase decision?

  • Jake

    you CAN’T buy an iphone after trying Android OS!

  • Craig

    Holy crap, people! This isn’t Highlander. There’s no reason to subscribe to a ‘There can be only one’ philosophy of mobile phones.

    Lots of choice, different features and different operating systems is an awesome ecosystem. The competition encourages development and we get better hardware & software.

    If you like your iPhone or Android or BlackBerry or Windows phone, that’s great. Be proud of it. It may well be the best phone for you. But, don’t be telling me that your phone is the best for *me*. And don’t be dissin’ my phone just ’cause its different than yours.

  • francis

    (SAM)iphone (SUNG) 5, another iphone build out of samsung and htc technology, same device as (SAM) iphone (SUNG) 2,3,3gs,4,and now 5. same old design, same old boring icon display, IOS is starting to get boring and uncool. the first device was garbage, the 3 garbage, the 3gs was just fair, the 4 had major antenna gate issues, and glass gate issues and bad design, customers drop it once and it cracks in a million pieces. The 5 as rumoured will not be much different that the 4 but with minor, I say minor tweaks, nothing to get overly excited about. I’d rather stick to my top of the line, best spec phone in the market right now, the Samsung Galexy S 2, with customizable features, widgets, bigger screen size, better screen quality, better camera specs, way better bang for your buck than a lousy Iphone with outdated specs, over priced for such an outdated smartphone with outdated Operating System.

  • Fodelaye

    I Don’t understand where all the animosity is coming from! the iPhone 4 is one of the best phones out there. it is a fact. i have used blackberries a lot and i still think they used to make better phones, androids are pretty cool also.
    But we all know that there will be lines in front of the apple store just like when any other iphone is released 🙂

  • Juanita

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