Update on the Koodo Mobile LG Optimus One 2.3 OS upgrade


  • Binku

    About time!

  • Stacey M

    This doesn’t work!

    • Sean

      Might take a day or two like a gradual rollout

      Also glad to see even the cheap spectrum of phones getting gingerbread updates

  • Gideon

    This is big news for us users of this mid range device. I didn’t think they would push out an update as they are a flanker brand with mostly low end devices.
    I’m stoked and will try to update later today. Thanks for the tip.

    • Darrel44

      A flanker brand?? What the hell are u talking about? Why do you even own an LG phone then,u should just sell it if your not happy with it..I personally really like my lg phone,and happy it finally has this update……

  • picks

    Unfortunately im still waiting on my optimus 2x which is much newer

  • Rob

    I have this phone from Koodo, but I don’t have the option for System Software Updates in the menu. What gives?

  • Casey

    My Koodo Optimus one doesn’t have a system software updates option. I did the usual *#*#checkin#*#* in the dialler. It checked in but there was no update…

    • Stacey M

      What does this do?

  • Drodro

    Can I update my Telus Optimus One? I also don’t see the System Software Updates option.

  • Mike

    I also checked my partners phone for updates. Don’t see a System Software Update section in settings either. Tried using LGMobile Update and it said phone was using most up to date software. Kinda confused by this news!!!

  • Randy

    Koodo reply update:

    “I’d assume so yup, it’s LG that decides when the updates roll out. Hopefully they will come out with it soon :)”

  • wewewi

    Whats up with the world’s first dual-core smartphone?


    EPIC FAIL! this phone sucks too much anyway for gingerbread

    • Casey

      Actually… I’ve been running Gingerbread (CyanogenMod 7) on a Virgin Mobile USA Optimus V (CDMA version of the Optimus One) for almost a year. It runs very well.

  • jnrbshp

    glad I have a galaxy Gio now…

  • Gideon

    The photo is not a Koodo phone. Koodo model is LG-P500h, the one in the photo has no h at the end. This update is not real!! Someones idea of a joke I guess.

  • jpbaril

    I bought this phone because LG told us it would upgrade it to 2.3 at the beginning of summer. I got tired of waiting, so I rooted it and installed a Gingerbread ROM from xda developers forum. Actually it is surprisingly easy to do.

  • bobo jones

    L G is the worst company for upgrading their OS in their phones. Not one phone in canada has been upgraded . Thats why they are the cheapest

  • Carlos

    The update is already out, people in Russia got it already. it’s just telus is taking too long to push the update.

  • Jesse

    So when I plug my Optimus One into the LG updater is says theirs an update ready to go, but then it says that the update isn’t for my phone lol,kind of annoying :p

  • workinwireless

    Koodo and Lg both suck.

  • Friko

    I put CyanogenMod7 on mine about 5 months ago now. Best thing I ever did to boost up this phone. With all the useless software on the LG Optimus One, it was slow as hell.
    Best advice I can give to owners is to root it and install a 3rd party firmware on it.

  • kyle

    i agree with workinwireless

  • Rob

    Asked LG for any information and got the following:

    Unfortunately at this time we do not have information on upcoming updates. Should an update become available you will be notified that is it available for installation.

  • Bryce

    Hey, I am the person that took this pic.. I just want to say that I am sorry about leading a few of you on. I do have the update, and I can say that it is running quite well, other then a few bugs I have noticed. If anyone wants a vid to prove the update, I can do that. I’ll have to give it to MobileSyrup though, so it will have to be on their terms.

  • Donna

    I have done what LG says to do .. install their software.. but when I plug in my phone I dont get the update option even after I have installed drivers.. in the message window it tells me I have 1 of 4 usb drivers installed? I only get the option of installing one.. so what gives?

  • Saito Chikara

    Android 2.3 is available from Koodo and Telus now. Just open up PC suite and update.

    • N-S

      Update is available, however be careful. If you use data it will cause your phone to permanently stay awake. Regardless of the screen turned off.

      Battery life will be down to 12 hours or so.