Rogers employees in Toronto start LTE training


  • Joe

    Rogers employees aren’t even trained to provide regular service properly, why would they add something else to the mix?

    • MephistopholesX

      some of us who are rogers employess, DO know what we’re doing……but alot dont know the a*s from a hole in the ground….namely anyone of the rogers @ home employess.

    • Akbar

      Rogers employees are the most highly skilled individuals in the business. what are you talking about?

  • Alex Perrier

    Let me know when LTE becomes a good value.

  • KidCanada

    Will stick to HSPA+ for now till LTE becomes avaliable in more areas. Its not worth the switch yet.

  • Brian

    “Beyond 4G”. No, it’s called 4G. Just because you renamed HSPA+ to 4G doesn’t make real 4G “beyond 4G”

    • bob

      Very true.
      However technically LTE isn’t even real 4G either. LTE advanced will.

  • ChRiS

    It’s good to know that LTE will be rolled out by Rogers….but knowing their existing pricing schemes I highly doubt it will be affordable….

  • XER

    With $25 for 500MB and $5 for subsequent 500MB, download speed can be flying but LTE is not flying any time soon.

  • kevinc

    So if LTE permits ultra fast downloads, but the data costs are $/Mb, then the effect is

    “You can twice the money, in half the time!”

    Woo-whoo! Where do I sign up!?

  • MARS

    Does it cost more for LTE data?? I have the 6gb $30 plan!

    • phoneguy


  • francis

    Rogers getting training!! Thats a first. Its about time rogers employees get a bit of training, hopefully they will actually have brains about something.