Video: Rogers LG Optimus 3D Review


  • Justin

    great review, and great timing, im in the process of seeing if 3D phones are worth it and don’t know what to pick between the O3D and the Evo 3D.

    Thanks for the info Dan!!!


    time to upgrade optimus 2x.



  • Clint

    Why would anyone go for this when you have the HTC Sensation or Samsung Galaxy S 2 as a choice. The Samsung unit especially. Picking anything 3D or from LG is like taking 3rd best and running with that for the same price (within a few bucks) of the 1st and 2nd Best. If you really want 3D, then jump on the HTC 3D units out. shrug…

    • guillaume

      because neither the HTC sensation or the Galaxy 2 is avalaible in Manitoba. Just moved there and I’m amazed how no ones cares about it.

      i’m a frustrated consumer and this phone might just do it.

  • Wait What!?

    Nice review. About the HTC EVO 3D????….I played around with one yesterday at Best Buy. It seemed lighting fast, faster than the Sensation and on par with the responsiveness of the Galaxy S2. (Yes I know the GS2 has faster benchmarks. Regardless, objectively I couldn’t tell the difference.) Having said all that, I’m a fan of the EVO 3D now, I love Sense 3.0 as well. Anyway, I’d be Interested to read your thoughts on the EVO 3D, Mobilesyrup, and soon. A comparison between the GS2, Sensation, and Evo 3D would be sweet as well. Cheers!

  • Blair Thiessen

    I installed a small speed patch (that was originally for the Optimus 2X but works on the Optimus 3D as well) and now my Quadrant score in the 3200’s.

    Cyanogenmod is also working on adding support for the Optimus 3D in 7.1 final, i’m sure we’ll see even greater performance there.

    The OMAP4430 is a awesome processor. I choose this phone over the EVO 3D and I’m totally happy. I’m not going to use the 3D functionality much, but the HDMI out on the other hand will get its fair share of use out at my cabin on those rainy days 😀

  • Leon

    I haven’t had a chance to play with the Optimus 3D, but I really enjoyed the user experience with the HTC Evo 3D. I still think it’s a gimmick but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. I’d like to see some cool custom ROM’s come out for these 3D phones.

    • zack

      optimus 3d is better that evo 3d, i try both of them lg optimus 3d is better than evo.

  • BB Addict

    then it breaks in 6 weeks

    • MSB

      What do you mean? I got mine 3 weeks ago, now I’m afraid. What happened to yours?

  • wewewi

    About the Ipad, you do were mistaken;

    Ist gen has SGX 535;

    Ipad2 has 542MP, which is MUCH more powerful than pretty much anything else on the market right now.

    • Daniel Bader


      Thanks for the clarification. I thought I was wrong, but couldn’t remember the exact iPad 2 spec off the top of my head. Cheers!

  • carolcfreeman

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  • Massy

    i went to bestbuy today to check out the phone and it’s fricken amazing!! i love it so much im definetly gonna buy it 😀 that e-book thing was fun to check out
    thx for the review

  • I love how back in the day a 4.3″ screen was considered “huge”. Nowadays, even 5″ is quite small to some people.