RIM’s Senior Product Manager for the BlackBerry PlayBook departs for Samsung


  • TomatoGuy

    Maybe Research in Slow Motion decided to plant a trojan horse inside Samsung, because he was not good at getting things done regarding PlayBook.

  • skrutor

    So is this guy the one to thank for the poor marketing of the playbook? I wonder if he came up with the idea for Best Buy employees to have a hand-held pandering on launch day. Not sure what Samsung expects to gain from this.

    • kik

      I don’t know what marketing you’ve seen, but the Playbook ads are the only good thing about the Playbook that I have seen.

      I’d actually say the marketing was the best part of the Playbook product. RIM successfully managed to convinced people they had a good product. (they don’t)

  • Edwin

    I see it as a #WIN for RIM.
    The marketing was a failure on the device, the software was not ready and the product was rushed out the door. RIM employees/testers were skeptical about the device. The hardware specs were delicious, and the size is convenient.

  • user

    Now I am worried for Samsung…..

  • Dave

    Why on earth Samsung wants to takes this loser, or this teams
    of loser at RIM.

  • human

    RIM can now move on! The “culture” is changing I guess.

  • Strawberry guy

    Tomato guy do you have a life outside of mobile syrup? You just keep posting the dumbest comments on every article…

  • Anonymous

    Why did this guy make a frontal assult against
    [Cr]Apple Tablets when he could have had a successful business tablet???

  • henry

    i am from waterloo and worked at rim. ryan was nothing more than a useless media outlet. wasn’t brains behind playbook…clearly. he was a flop on bb presenter and now playbook

    • benry

      I worked alongside Ryan for several years – man was a genius, and WILL be missed.

  • Pops

    Personally I liked the guy but realistically rim needs new blood in the marketing department. They should hire the old spice guy to replace Ryan Bidan!

  • Beware the Sync

    Synchronica is coming for RIM

  • benry

    I also worked for RIM, several years ago – Ryan will be sorely lost, he was instrumental in bringing the Playbook to fruition, among many other products.

    ’tis a sad day…

    • Henry

      You clearly were misinformed.

      Ryan was dead weight.

  • kad

    marketing is so overrated 🙂

    drop the price to 350$ and it will sell

  • Steve Jobs

    Hi guys,

    “Amateur hour is over”

    …Really? Really? Was that his idea? Then they turn around and release a half-baked tablet with no email (still has no email to this very day).

    Is amateur hour really over RIM?

    They need to get rid of Baldsissy and give Lazaridis all the reins, then and only then we will see if RIM can succeed. I doubt they can, but at least they will be able to go out guns blazing that way. With Baldsissy they will just bullsh*t to the end.

    • Henry

      Apple will face the wrath of the mighty RIM GODS soon!!!!

  • Diana Hanson

    I like RIM and RIM is good. Waterloo is smart and I am smart too. RIM will do good, you just wait.

    • Henry

      Hi Diana – can you please elaborate? What do you mean by “RIM is good?” And what are we waiting for?

      Please advise.

      Also – what do you know about Waterloo? Are you even from there?

  • Diana Frost


    RIM is good, just look at them, they are good.

    You just wait. Jim B. said that you should wait so just wait.

    Waterloo is smart like me, so by natural law I am good and smart.


    • Frankovich

      Hi Diana – please elaborate.

  • Ryan Brooks

    Yo sup guyz I am white yet I have dreads, all together now “WTF”, I am black inside.

    Sent from iPhone

    • Elijah Walsh

      yo dawG!

  • Harold

    Ryan Bidan was a failure at RIM. I agree

  • Talon

    LOL – Ryan was just a PR guy at RIM, not even a real product manager

  • mindo

    These corp losers don’t care who they work for as long as they get a good ride.