BlackBerry App World crosses over the 1 billion app download mark, 3 million downloads per day


  • RIM is done

    surprisingly enough, none my friends who own blackberries download apps or care for them on their bb’s

    all they do is use bbm all day

  • Sean

    No one i know who has a blackberry uses apps also all they do is BBM and most have an iPod touch for apps and such

  • Nasir

    I for one use quite a few apps on my BB. My most useful and must have ones have been developed internally.

    I use BB Traffic, BB Travel, Facebook, Poynt, Live Profile, Whatsapp, BB Radio, Slacker Radio, Sportsnet Mobile, Weather eye and those are the ones I use daily.

    I’ve got many more installed.

  • Han

    I gave up on BB apps because my phone kept giving out of memory warnings. All I have installed now is weather.

  • 0defaced

    i’d like to see something backing these numbers…….RIM?

  • RIM is done

    lol Han,

    Rim’s hardware is as ancient as its comes

  • Paul Q

    I wish I could use apps on my BlackBerry but performance goes to s**t if I have more than two.

  • Matt P

    And not one of those downloads is angry birds

    • Jake

      Thank God!
      The day I download Angry Birds on my phone, I hope someone just shoots me.

  • smittyleafs

    What about angry farm…yes I dropped $5 for it; although it does currently have 120 levels.

    Currently Installed

    Games: free minesweeper, free chess, free battleship, free solitaire, free hang man, free connect four, $2 doodle jump, $5 pin ball (which is too much)

    Free Apps: flashlight, facebook, flixter, score, google maps, rbc, poynt, Bible, Dilbert (awesome!), shazaam, metro news, Time

    My only realy complaint is the lack of games on my Blackberry, as there are a tonne of “practical” apps. If I could get QNX supported Android support for apps…life would be good. I also need a time machine to go ahead in time 2 years…to see it actually happen.

  • DigitalMann

    A tweet from Al MacNevin at Sirius Canada states:

    “Updated @siriuscanada app is finally available…sorry about the wait, but glad to give u what u asked for…thank u for your business.”

    There does not seem to be support for Playbook? or OS 6 devices such as 9780 or 9800.

    Have they stopped supporting BlackBerry?