Huawei announces MediaPad: 7-inch Android 3.2 (Honeycomb) tablet


  • A

    and how doesn’t that look like an over sized iPhone!… talk about copying industrial engineering wow…

    • Greedy

      Not sure how anyone can disagree with A’s statement. Huawei clearly have used the iPhone as inspiration, and that’s putting it lightly. In fact, I bet anyone presented with this picture and no info about the manufacturer would assume it’s an apple product.

    • Paul

      I have to agree, but don’t see the harm. Just because it looks like a duck doesn’t mean it’s a duck. iPhone 5 is coming out soon and it will no doubt look different again. Take a look at different cars for example. Many look alike. No big deal with design here. It’s what’s inside that counts.

  • jarr

    most chairs look the same

    this does not mean that all chair manufacturers copy each other.

  • A

    Actually most chairs don’t look the same but you can sit on them, maybe cheap plastic deck chairs do but be realistic here, have you been to Leon’s or the Brick lately? The buttons on the side even have the same design.

  • roman129

    The gaps on the rim of the iPhone separate the external antennas for reception. Here, I think they added gaps to deceive people into believing it’s an iDevice. It doesn’t get much more KIRFy than this.

  • Luqman

    Someone needs to tell these manufacturers that its all about the looks and hardware now since there are already a bunch of android tablets on the market. Looks of the hardware will only grab the customers attention at this point and this doesn’t look stylish too me. I don’t think it’ll top other well known tablets like the xoom and galaxy tab 10.1

    • Len

      For most android users looks are not that important. I would say right now it’s all about the price. Most users are waiting for the big price drop. The first manufacturer to get it to that persons magic number wins a customer. People who needed a tablet now most already have them.. with the Xoom and Transformer.

  • T_Tronix

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 still stands tall! Perfect match to the Galaxy S II phone…

  • EmperumanV

    Speaking of Galaxy Tab 10.1 I just put a pre order yesterday at Staples. Can’t wait to pick it up when it arrives here in Canada. Will go well with my current SGS II phone 🙂

  • sixteen12

    The bigger news here is, when is 3.2 dropping?

  • Jeff

    How is this going to drop 3.2 in Q3 if 3.2 is in Q4.

  • Nasir

    Android tablet with a dual core processor and 3.2. This may be perfect for people that wanted a 7″ size in widescreen format and didn’t want the Tab or PlayBook.

    Pictures don’t usually show off the hardware very well. This could steal away some potential PlayBook buyers. Now if RIM would hurry up and release the NDK and email already.

    I would have liked to see the Samsung 8.9″ tab but who knows when that will drop.

  • Dr.Fredrico Cordova The Duke Of Kensingtom The Fourth

    Definite proof that Wind Mobile sucks to the nth degree!

  • Greedy

    The specs on this device look great. I like that it has WIFI and HSPA+ instead of making you choose one or the other.

    I’ve never used a Huawei product, and the ones I’ve seen in person seem to be pretty poor quality, so who knows what we have here? I’m pretty intrigued.

  • human

    Who cares if it looks like an iphone? Are you people on here manufacturers? It’ll most likely be cheaper than the other tablets and would be a cheap alternative…get over yourselves..

  • you’re serious?

    It looks like a big iPhone, how can you disagree with unless you’re utterly blind. People hate apple so bad that they post some nonsensical garbage even though to any person with a brain, it looks like an iphone. What ever happened to innovation? Sure apple may copy something here and there but can a company not come up with ideas of there own? All bloody phones.tabs look alike nowadays. Frankly, it’s getting quite boring.

  • Jonesy1966

    It’s a pad and it’s 1cm thick, how much design can possibly be had in this form factor?

  • asdklfj

    looks like an iphone.

  • I_am_an_iPhone

    looks like me

  • laridae

    Looks good to me! I really like my Huawei U88100 but I’ve been wanting one a little bigger. Mebbe I’ll hang on for this Huawei pad instead.

  • Mark

    Looks awesome!!!
    Much better than my iPad. I think i’ll get one.