Video: This is how the native BlackBerry PlayBook email client will work


  • Brian

    Too little, too late. Should have come shipped with it.

    • harry

      how about better late then never?

  • danial asghar

    i like how people are going “woah” for an email client… -__-

  • Michael

    It’s better than Apple’s!

    • RealDeal

      Thats not hard, Apple only got a unified mailbox, what, 10 months ago?

  • Nick

    How they thought they could launch this tablet without these apps is beyond me. Big mistake, I was interested in the playbook until I read that this was missing, I don’t have a blackberry so it would be useless for accessing email on the go.

    • Marco

      That’s the point, as Dean said. It’s not out for you yet. I have a BB and I can get this right away, get all my email synced, calendar, tasks, even use my BB for tethering when I’m on the go (so I don’t need a 3G PlayBook).

      Are you absolutely required to buy a tablet in the next two months? If so, then it doesn’t matter whether RIM released this early without apps or waited, you wouldn’t have bought it anyway. If you DON’T need it right now, but just WANT it, then stop complaining. “I WANT IT NOW” when it’s not available is useless, and people who voice that so-called complaint sound like 5 year olds.

  • Chris Marle

    About time ! But it will only ship this summer… Should have been there at launch.

  • Dean

    why don’t you people get it?
    PB was released for BB users, sometime this summer all the rest will have a tablet that provides complete functionality.

    RIM were smart to release PB because they had a large enough market and the market will grow much more in a few months.

    • bummy

      completely agree with you.
      The wi-fi only playbook seems to make sense with BB users.

      3G playbook makes more sense with non-BB users…

  • Al

    Wow that app is basic. I don’t understand why its taking so long to develop.

    • Jake

      One word… SECURITY
      Something Apple and Android don’t seem to care about. It takes time to engineer a secure email app.

  • blairmn

    Im more interested on the part where it says the playbook will have BBM messaging applications. Does that mean the ability to use BBM with out having a bridge to your BB smartphone?