New “FidoAnswers” emphasizes their “Service representatives are located in Canada”


  • Eric S.

    Service seems better, got all my transdactions done in 1 speedy call with soemone who ubnderstood what I was talking about and courteous. Now on CityFido Unlimited.

  • Mikaley

    Yes! This is the kind of change we were expecting from Wind! Better customer service, more employees in Canada.. err, wait, this is part of the big3 doing it?

  • Big 3

    Just hope this new service won’t have CSRs threatening to kill us

  • Syrenz

    Well I do love WIND and all, but customer service? I called to talk about an issue with my phone once and got some guy who literally barely spoke english and could not provide me any help at all (I could barely understand him). On other occasions I’ve spoken to completely english speaking representatives but people who barely speak english should not be answering their phones…

  • skware

    Fido answers has been live for more than 2 weeks now . The good thing about it is you can skip the whole IVR menu and talk straight to csr .

  • N900WindMiraclePlan

    instead of hiring more csr agents they should focus on making better plans first

    no is going to call in since their customers all jumped ship to better priced alternatives

    • Mikaley

      If you understand one thing, it’ll be that customers are jumping to wind, let along having to use some crappy N900.

    • Baester

      I agree that price-conscious customers are willing to forego the best customer experience to get a cheaper price, but others are willing to pay a bit extra for superior customer service. We’ve seen this model work with a company like Zappos. I believe these latter customers are more valuable to a business as well.

  • Matthew

    I wish WIND could make a similar statement. 90% of their reps are in Cairo. Proudly Egyptian 🙂

  • Greg

    These companies rake in hundreds of millions of dollars from Canadian customers. The very least they can do is hire Canadian employees.

  • Mike

    In Manitoba MTS has 100% local customer care. One of the main reasons I’ll never switch. They support the community in which they do business.

  • R

    Pretty sure all of Fido’s call centers are in Canada anyway. It’s definitely a lot easier to get to customer service, I think you just choose one or two options and you’re there.

  • XER

    Again, just like Bell, move your call centre to India to save money then pass it on your customer. I don’t care who pick up the phone but I do care the my bill is only going up, not down.

    • Doug

      Oh Xer, you innocent little boy! The customer is not #1, the shareholders are #1.

      Many industries such as banking, insurance, IT and telecommunications outsource overseas. Do your bank fees, credit card or insurance rates go down? Of course not. You mean nothing to them. Was the price of the iPhone/iPad any less because it was manufactured in China? Perhaps, but that extra profit is for the grown-ups, not silly children like you, Xer.

      Now if you want to make a difference, go pester one of those new eager politicians. They’re as giddy children right now, so they may actually listen to you.

  • dimitri

    @ xer i fully agree with u. Fido seems to think by doing this people will leave threir current provider to go with fido. I wish fido could get phones that other companys have and also family plans with better deals. Just my own opinion.


    Rogers csr’s are located in Canada. Whether or not some of the customer service reps are outsourced, at least those third party companies are located in this country providing Canadian jobs. The only reps that are outsourced overseas are the internal I.T help desk, due to their contract with IBM.

    • Xer

      That is why wireless costs so much in Canada. All call centre jobs should be outsorced and save the cost. Use this saving to cut the crazy amount people are paying now. Fido reps are just as useless as those outsourced anyway. Why do you want to pay more to talk to useless staff? As long as my bill is going down, what company does is not my concern.

  • George K


    If that’s what Fido thinks then they aren’t entirely wrong. I’m seriously considering a jump to Fido. It’s obviously not going to matter to everyone, but for people who are already close to the edge it might make the difference.

    I had to talk to Wind the other day about my phone number. I bought my SIM card in Mississauga but I was given a 289 number with a Hamilton prefix. This was completely an error on the part of the rep in the store. I didn’t realize it until I saw $40 of LD charges on my wife’s bill (after I looked into it I noticed similar charges on the 2 bills before that). I called Fido first (my wife’s carrier) and they explained that while 289 spans multiple areas (like 905) the next three digits are also important as they dictate what area you’re in and whether people will pay LD to call you. I later verified this myself because I didn’t want to solely rely on the word of the Fido CSR (who may or may not have simply been covering his a*s). Anyway, after I figured out the problem I called Wind. It took me so long just to explain the issue to him because he was Egyptian and didn’t really understand the concept of a single area code being split up (the way 905 and 289 are). I don’t blame him, the system seems kind of illogical, but that doesn’t change the fact that someone local would better understand it. After wasting all this time explaining the situation I still got charged $10 for changing my number even though it was a) completely their mistake and b) cost me over $100 in the last 3 months.

  • workinwireless

    I cannot believe the people here saying ” how cares where the call center is as long as my rates go down”. If all call centers where overseas, more people would be out of work and cellular rates would go through the roof as very limited people would have a phone. Thats why the US rates are cheaper, more people with phones, cheaper the service. More people unable to afford the service, higher rates. Only way our economy survived was spending money in Canada

  • K

    Hah, so cool.
    That guy in the pic is a professional model Jamal Micheal Dejong, friend of mine. =)

  • Barbara E Menez

    You have dogs as friends?

  • RoccoStiffReddi

    Looks like the gloves are off.. Wind is in deep..

    “…Industry Minister Tony Clement has already announced consultations on foreign ownership, outlining three options — removing all restrictions; increasing the limit of foreign investment from the current 20 to 49 per cent…” well since wind is @ 90 percent in real life and 65% on paper they are pooched.. see what I just did fido pooch..

    good on fido bad bad Wind. quashed and outsourced do not forget jabronied.

  • moe

    “10% more staff”

    so they add one person to the hundred they have! what a load of crap, its a lottery calling fido and i always end up hanging up until an indian doesn’t answer.


    @moe just because an indian person answers the phone it doesn’t indicate that they are just probably called a call centre in Brampton.

  • Rayan

    @ moe, u haven’t had a bad experience with the Canadian reps, they are by far rude and uptight, they discriminate other races just like u, so ungrateful. In the end we all pay money for our services! This is Canada, unless u are a Native Canadian, we are all the same other terms. This economy is depends on immigrants etc! WELCOME TO CANADA! We are more alike than alike, so stop hating others and focus on improving your inner self!

  • Keith

    1- fido call centers are all located in Canada.
    2- fido does have call center that are outsourced, but those are also in Canada
    3-I will support a company that creates Canadian jobs
    4-we live in a country of approx 40million give or take..and the US has about 10 times of ours…do the math…it is quite obvious that prices there would be more competitive since the make money on volume…
    5-this is a good first step as I am definitely no fan of fido’s previous ivr system….before I would be frustrated, for example, about a bill error and by the time I got out of that dang ivr…I was twice as mad…
    6-slow and steady wins the race…now if fido could get rid of those dang zone plans

  • Trixie

    Last time I checked the Fido call centre was in my hometown in New Brunswick. It was always fun to ask how things are going there LOL

    I know other Rogers CCs are in NB as well, just other towns. They have bilingual reps… makes sense no?