Quote: Locking phones is “like a dictatorship in this country”

Carrier locked devices is always a hot topic and has raised the interest of various politicians to make it their duty to pass laws to stop these “unfair practices”. Several carriers will now unlock your device for a fee but comes with some restrictions, such as you have to sign a contract with them for at least 3-months and they avoid including the iPhone and some BlackBerry devices on the list of capable phones they’ll unlock.

Carol Crowe of Barrie is now a huge supporter of the proposed Cell Phone Freedom Act by Thunder Bay-Superior North MP Bruce Hyer. The reason is that she bought an iPhone 4 and wanted to give he old iPhone 3GS to her sister (who is with another carrier) but it was unfortunately locked to a carrier so she decided not to. Here’s a good quote of the day: “It was locked… They said because I bought the iPhone 3 from them, they automatically lock it… It’s like a dictatorship in this country, I paid cash for (the iPhone 3), but because I bought it from Telus, it’s their phone…. I want the public to know that they’ve lost their freedom to choose… The people are furious when they realize the carrier locks their phones“.

Source: Barrie Examiner

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