Confirmed: Fido launching Android Liquid e


  • Smart trungler

    Will this mean that Fido users will finally get an android app??

  • nate

    Being a Fido user I am happy they are upping their phones. The service is great they just need to upgrade their phone line up. Good news to hear!

  • Cadet

    ony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini

    i will be waiting for this
    it’s about time rogers treat fido nicer
    since virgin already have legend and soon captive

    but think… once upon a time
    fido had the latest phones even the big three cannot compare!
    that’s when i was a member of fido…. went thru the rough times after they got eaten by rogers…
    now finally see some light…

  • Philiippe R

    GOD DAMN IT!!!

    I changed from Fido to Rogers a month ago because I was sick of not having a chance to get an Android phone with Fido… I got the x10mini… but now it could come to Fido????


    I had unlimited incoming call!! They no longer make this package!!

  • Sailor

    Fido will never get Rogers smart phones (except the Iphone of course) it’s a typical dual brand strategy. Rogers is “innovative” and pricier and Fido got better deals but somewhat decent phones. You can’t get everything!
    And oh, Phil google this : howard’s forum
    so you know how to get a better deal on your plan…