Android-powered LG Loop arrives at Rogers


  • Matt Darkis

    This phone is so cheap feeling its not even funny :(. Oh and by the way it is $99 on a 3-year Voice only plan which is one of it’s only compelling features.

  • Ryan Waddell

    Dear Rogers: We don’t need any more crappy Android phones – please release the frikkin’ Captivate already.

  • Craz

    Sweet. A device with Android OS 1.6! Everyone’s been waiting for those… Welcome to 2009 Rogers!

  • wiley

    Rogers seriously needs to step up and get some better quality Androids or they will be far behind the times.

  • Graeme

    Oh my god stop releasing terrible phones.

  • rzz

    Yay, more forgettable, obsolete-upon-release, probably never to be updated junk from Rogers to confuse the average consumer with. Why have one or two great Android devices when you can have a whole boatload of crappy ones right guys? Wouldn’t want to release the Captivate anytime near when Bell launched their technically superior model. I was leaning towards the Captivate simple for the styling and build quality improvement, but with each passing week I’m wondering.. will Telus be bringing the Droid/Milestone 2 in “the coming weeks” also?

  • Nico

    Why Rogers why? I’m really about to give up on you ever getting a great Android device. Yes, I know the Captivate is ‘coming soon’, but that does not count cause Bell and even Sasktel had best you with their Vibrant. Give me something better!

  • Andy C

    why would anyone want to buy a LG android device given LG’s poor upgrade history with the LG Eve?

  • JRozen

    While there are some consumers out there just looking for a cheap introductory smartphone, it just seems like the various providers are opting to throw more of this on their shelves than the quality machines that are available. I mean, we didn’t even get the nexus One and probably won’t ever see the EVO 4G. I wonder if the Droid X will ever make it on to Canadian shelves.

    What I would love is an explanation for this Canadian phenomenon. Is the FCC to blame? Is it the government? Is the buyer for Rogers and Bell from a bygone era and simply overwhelmed by today’s technology? Frustrated is the only word that can appropriately describe my (and by the comments, most Android users) feeling about the underwhelming selection of Android devices on Canadian shelves.

    Now, I’ll tell you how I REALLY feel……..

  • KV


    What is really frustrating is the special deals that telco providers make with LG, Samsung and others to only sell locked carrier branded cell phones to the canadian consumer.

    This kind of activity reinforces the notion that contracts are the only way to get handsets in canada.

    If Phone Makers sold the unlocked cellphones in Canada themselves how much cheaper do you think the overall price of phones would be? Do you think people would still lock themselves into three contracts for a piece of “disposable” hardware?

    Actually, I think its funny that people consider a typically $500 piece of hardware as disposable and seek to upgrade it every year. Would people replace their laptop every year?

  • jnrbshp

    why wouldnt i just buy a charm for 250?????

    • Matt Darkis

      Agreed! The loop is junk.