TELUS officially launches 3G+ network in Saskatchewan


  • Roger

    Funny how the same cities/town are listed that Sasktel announced last week. Must just be coincidence right?!?

    Heard rumor that Telus stopped their network deploy in Manitoba also probably waiting for MTS/Rogers to finsh their hspa build out.

  • Jeff

    Awesome…so that only leaves Manitoba with no 3G+ network…and when MTS/Rogers does have it “online”, Telus still won’t be able to have their customers use their network…Manitoba is so far behind all the other provinces!

  • Mike

    As a resident of Manitoba, this makes me sad 🙁 we always seem to get the short end of the stick. Like seriously, telus only has 7 phones (smart and dumbphones) on their website for us. Heck I’d be happy if they’d even just launch here in Winnipeg, then build out from that. The network is for sure ready in Winnipeg, just doesn’t reach very far out.

  • TELUS in SK

    Telus uses SaskTel’s new HSPA network infrastructure! Interested Telus customers would be better advised to follow SaskTel’s network rollout schedule and add 2-3 weeks for Telus availability.

  • Nico

    Yippee. I can finally check out the Desire (and Milestone, Backflip, Hero) dummies. Maybe buying a Desire outright if Rogers won’t let me upgrade to three Captivate (of they ever get it) or if I don’t like the Captivate and prefer the Desire…

  • Kyran

    I’m still blown away how people think Sasktel is so high a mighty above all other cellular providers.

    If you’d read the press release from last year, it states that without Bell AND Telus. Sasktel would have never got their HSPA network off the ground, at least not this year.

    Bellus (aka Telus and Bell) share the HSPA network everywhere else (cept Manitoba) and also share it with Sasktel in Saskatchewan. Its not that one is bigger than the other. Its that they are working together to try and better the experience for everyone. That or they wanna team up against Rogers….

  • J

    Come on Mobile Syrup guys how could you get this so wrong. Telus isn’t flipping any switches on anything in Saskatchewan. They just have an agreement with Sasktel to use its 3G+ network, the same as Bell does. Telus just couldn’t activate devices on the network until now. That was possibly a contract thing so Telus couldn’t steal any thunder from Sasktel on their 3G+ “opening day” which was the 16th. If you’re going to report it, at least get the basic facts straight.

  • jello

    @ J

    You don’t need to get defensive. Telus IS flipping a 3G+ switch on; it’s FOR THEMSELVES in Saskatchewan. It’s a switch that gives them the oppourtunity to market all of their new phones, contracts and large network ouside Saskatchewan. MobileSyrup states later in the report that Sasktel launched their 3G+ network last week, so they obviously aren’t stating that Telus is the only 3G+ network present in the province. Yes, they are sharing the HSPA network with Sasktel, it’s not a mystery. Sasktel and MTS get to leach off of Bell and Telus outside of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and any addidtional towers they have within these provinces. MTS though, did not agree to anything in the contract, and would have launched the new network the same time Telus did in November of last year. So, MTS either had to build their own towers, or team up with Rogers to gain more coverage outside Manitoba. Smart, but I think it was a delay that didn’t need to happen. The deal they had with Telus would’ve benefited them a lot more quicker.

    MobileSyrup has shown no bias or indication that Telus is the only 3G+ network in Saskatchewan if you read the whole thing, so shut up and stop complaining.

  • Jason

    As of today (8/25), the Telus website has a full suite of smart phones…including iPhone 4 for sale in Saskatchewan.

  • Joca

    TELUS plans suck.
    I pay $50 for 300 min. (use only 150), 500MB (use only 58mb) and have to pay for SMS messages…this is ridiculous…Common Telus…$50 is to cover all your services including the fck call display. Be honest and respect your new users otherwise I will move back to Rogers at $40!