“2.1 OS for Magic+ was approved by Rogers”… waiting on Google

The Rogers HTC Magic + has it’s share of ups and downs and users are waiting patiently for the upgrade to OS 2.1. We received an update from Rogers about the upgrade and it basically says that their internal testing is now approved and are now waiting on Google to push it through. This is hopefully going to happen by the end of this month but “can’t comment on how long that will take as the precise date for rollout”. Hit the Read more link to check out the entire e-mail and details.

“I have some news to share with you regard the Magic OS upgrade and where we’re at.

As always, thanks for your continued patience in waiting for the Rogers HTC Magic+ 2.1 OS to be rolled out. When the 2.1 OS was delivered to us for testing we hoped it would be available to customers by end of August. It was extremely important to us that this OS be thoroughly tested/reviewed. In doing so we found an issue that required it to go back to HTC for further development.

I’m happy to report that we reached a milestone yesterday and the 2.1 OS for Magic+ was approved by Rogers. It has now gone to Google for approval and assuming there are no further issues HTC will start rolling it out. While I can let you know once it begins, I can’t comment on how long that will take as the precise date for rollout is determined by HTC.

I am also happy to report that this will be the first Over the Air (OTA) upgrade for one of our Android devices. OTA upgrades will not result in loss of data, and all downloads will be $0-rated, at no cost to customers. However, in order for OTA to be available, you must have downloaded the 1.5 with Sense UI. If not, you can upgrade to 2.1 directly by visiting one of our Rogers locations, details to follow when available.

Once rollout begins, we will also provide support documentation, including an outline of what has changed with this new OS upgrade (And before you ask, yes Voice Dialler has been added back).

We very much appreciate everyone’s understanding while we diligently work on getting this OS upgrade to you. As we’ve done in the past, I will post updates and answer questions here as best as I can.

Thanks! Mary”

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