Samsung Corby Touch will hit Rogers shelves soon


  • tray

    ok rogers has samsung right…. now lets see the galaxy s instead of the crumy corby..

  • mario83

    arent the other colby touch already? i guess the difference is no qwerty keyboard

  • Astralmind

    I want my Galaxy S NOW !

    Move it Rogers!!! Come on lets go… at least announce something official !

  • Honestly?

    Ughh, you guys sound like bloody babies… ” I want my Galaxy S NOW! ”

    Annywayy, I like the Corby line, but Rogers, bring on the Corby Mate, it’s adorable 😀 !
    I now have to wait to decide which phone I want to get, the Corby Plus or the Touch… hmm… 🙂 !
    Does anyone know the price?

  • Kristy

    anyone knows if this will come out before sept or oct? i wanna get the phone 🙂