Confirmed: BlackBerry coming to Koodo Mobile…


  • Jim R

    The arrival of data plans to Koodo would be a welcome development. However, the really big deal would be Koodo getting on Telus’ HSPA network, thus freeing Koodo customers from the tyranny of the puny Koodo phone selection.

  • jay

    hurry up koodo cant wait much longer getting sick of unlimited web browsing i want wifi and blacberry goodness

  • Candace

    And iPhone?? Is that coming too… Or perhaps that’s too much wishful thinking 😛

  • J

    Something big is happening, I spoke with a rep the other day and they said to watch out for somethign to happen around the 11th of April.
    So maybe will see a CDMA blackberry, or maybe a sim card around then

  • Jason M

    It would be nice if one of these services offered BIS only plans with no voice. This way I can keep my BB for its BBM and other services and get a Spartphone for everything else

  • Karam

    I wouldn’t mind switching if they included call display in all their plans

  • Candace

    That makes total sense! April 11th is the day thier “sales” end so it seems to be the day to watch! I can’t wait 🙂

  • jo

    omg finaly something good as a cellphone on koodo. i got the motorola a455 and is crap lots of bugging. even with the instructions they sent me and the usb cable… i did everything by the leter the cellphone updated and the problem is still there…

  • J

    Yea they had a lot of problems with that moto, even other carriers that had it, I have the Sam slyde and had no problems with it so far not to mention dropping it atleast twice a week lol

  • Andrew Smith

    All their sales end on the 18th not the 11th….

  • Jen

    I JUST talked to a Koodo Rep on the phone who confirmed they will be getting Blackberry’s in the next 2 weeks!!! YAY!