Fido Q2 devices/plans leak out: Pearl 9100 releasing May 4th?

Thanks to tipster “FidoMarketing” who sent in a whole whack of goodness when it comes to upcoming devices and plans in Q2. In order of release date the following screenshots are apparently a Fido memo that shows five devices and an HSPA+ modem, most notably the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 in Black. No price points have been given yet.

LG GW300 (available in Grey):
release date shows April 13th, 2010 (refreshes the TE365)
BlackBerry 9100 (available in Black): release date shows May 4th 2010 (refreshes the 8100)
Nokia X3 (available in Blue): release date shows May 18th, 2010 (refreshes the Samsung F226)
Nokia 3710: release date shows May 18th, 2010 (refreshes the Nokia 2720)
Novatel Wireless MC988DF: release date shows May 2010 (28.80 Mbps downlink available after network upgrade)
Sony Ericsson ASPEN: release date shows June 2010

In addition, you’ll also see that FidoUNO will be “decommissioned as of June 1st 2010” and a “CarryOver Minutes” plan where you’ll be able to roll over your minutes for what looks like up to 6 continuous months. Also the “CarryOver” says it cannot be added to the CityFido or Corporate accounts. Here are the new “Wireless Internet Options” listed in the screenshots:
$40 per month: 2GB/2GB BIS
$50 per month: 5GB
$80 per month: 8GB

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