Fido Q2 devices/plans leak out: Pearl 9100 releasing May 4th?


  • Filip Mares

    Some pricing for the BB would be great. That is by far the most impressive newas here. Coming reasonably soon.

  • Andrew Pederson

    I am actually excited about the Pearl 9100. I love my Pearl 8130, the form factor is perfect in my eyes. It’s just underpowered for the amount I actually use. If it can manage a price point at $400 and under, without any major flaws, I’ll be considering it.

  • Colin

    What do ‘RT’ and ‘DSP’ mean in the list of data prices?

    it says 5gb for $50 next to one of the RTs? Sounds way too good to be true.

  • Jim R

    RT probably stands for retention. Retention plans are semi-secret plans offered to current customers when they make the right noises.

    The $15/100MB used to be $15/150MB so that’s a step down. The slides even talk about grandfathering $15/150MB.

    So, doesn’t look like anything exciting on the data front – and it certainly comes nowhere close to Wind’s data plan.

  • TokyoKiller

    RT probably means that it is only available through retentions.

  • Andrew Athan

    This is really sick! My first bberry was the 8130 and I loved it. All it was used for was to check email, texting and calling. I found that using apps really bogged down the system, hopefully they’ve beefed up this guy so that I can enjoy more of what a smartphone offers. The only downside is that I’m with bell….enough said, no but all joking aside it’ll probably take them 8months to 1 year to get this phone. Bells lacking in the good phone department.

  • Caleb

    My guess is RT is Retention?

  • Jim R

    @Colin, re 5GB for $50 being way too good to be true. For $35 on Wind you get “unlimited” data. “Unlimited” in the sense that Wind may throttle you after 5GB depending on the state of the network.

    Now if Fido offered something similar, that would be sweet.

  • MuRaNo

    15GB for $50 wow

  • Bill

    Will tmobile carry this.Me and my Pearl 8120 are hanging on!

  • Deadfred

    New and improved junk phones from Fido. I’m just waiting to cash out my Fido $$$ before jumping ship to Wind.

  • danheb

    I am a Fido customer…the reason…
    The only good thing about Fido is ‘all call are calculated by the minutes…so at the end of a month it makes an appreciable difference….

    – Pitiful choice of phones (except for the iPhone that is kept up to date each year) It almost look like Fido is buying obsolete phones from everywhere…
    – Pitiful customer service (take a day off if you need to talk to them)
    – Pitiful choices of plans (plus they change them each 6 months to make sure you won’t be able to find them to compare with others)
    – Very expensive data plan…

  • Nick

    These plans are crap. The folks over at Rogers are a bunch of money hungry i****s who have no idea of customer needs. They killed Fido after they bought it and that’s a shame as it was once a great little company.

  • FAKE

    FIDO CANNOT even spell “available” properly; As shown in the last image. I believe this is fake, or the company lacks money to purchase offce to check mistakes.

  • Colin

    Thanks all for responses to my question. I meant to say $50 for 15GB was too good to be true, not 5gb.

  • Amar

    Could we see unlimited local calling coming back to Fido….(the original CityFido)?????

  • CanadianKid

    I really hope they would also update the voice plans cuz they best they have now is the $35 voice plan which is pricy when u add the $25 data plan

  • Justin Credible

    I smell fake. At least parts of it.

  • Mobile User

    Of the list of devices, only one is right but the date is wrong.

  • sky

    /\ witch one is right? i know its not the lg one since its past April 13 and its not released.

    makes me think it is all fake, i just want the BBP9100

  • sky

    so Fido did release the LG GW300 but not on the 13th of April the first of June. maybe that means the pearl3g is end of this month??