Bell BlackBerry Storm2 9550 launching April 13th


  • Rob

    Horrible move on Bell’s part. There’s a reason why nobody on Telus is buying this thing.

  • Michael

    You guys must know something I don’t, but how does Bell get away with charging more on the same devices that Telus offers while using the same network?!

  • Dayne

    So this is not the HSPA version then?

  • Justin

    Not really a bad thing. It hasnt had the greatest selling record on TELUS, but in saying that and a hardcore Storm 1 and 2 user, I would say the Storm 2 is whatt he Storm1 should have been. RIM cleaned the OS and this thing is flawless. Ive had the device since launch with TELUS and I have not had to reboot this thing ONCE because it froze….a first time for a Blackberry Ive ever owned….great phone!!

  • steven

    350 on a 3 year blows my mind …

  • Kyle

    349 on 3 years with CDMA.. seriously? wow

    that is BRUTAL

  • Sean

    Bad device, way overpriced… where is this going?

    RIM should give up trying to make touch screen devices. Their hardware sucks, their software sucks!

    Just buy Palm and put WebOS on that thing.

  • Adi

    LMAO at the pathetic 200$ off for 3 year contract !!

    I really hope Videotron won’t disappoint once they launch.. cause we really need a Wind in QC.


  • MacD

    The $350 is before the data credit fellas.

  • Jim R

    Fails due to being a CDMA device.

  • T

    Why would Bell come out with a phone that isn’t on their new HSPA network… seriously, nobody wants a phone that uses the slow CDMA network when they can have a phone on the new HSPA network!

  • Larry

    In 3years we will be talking about LTE,CDMA will begin to be shut down.This device will be like a VHS machine sure Wallmart still sells them but no body wants them.Telus has already found that out.

  • Julia

    I knew it was going to be CDMA. So sad for Bell, they won’t be seeing huge sales in this phone.

  • Curtis

    When they say $349.99 on a 3yr, I wager that is with a Voice ONLY plan, as that is the amount they discount phones on a 3yr voice, $200 bucks. And that’s probably all people can see yet because they have yet to determine the data plan agreement discount, which I’ve seen go from $150 to $300 off the retail on top of the initial $200 off. I imagine this will get another $150 off to start, putting it at $199.99 on a 3yr voice and data, and as the device gets older, will drop to $150, and 100. Look at 9700 on Bell, did the same thing.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Who is smoking the drugs at Bell? Late and overpriced, wow. I hope no one falls for this.

  • Rob

    This is definitely pricing before their data credits.

  • xaueious

    Does anyone actually care about touchscreen device RIM is trying to make?

  • Hyder

    CDMA! No thanks!

  • Raul

    Finally!!!! I’m so happy the Storm2 is coming to Bell!!!!!!! I loved the Storm and I’m looking forward to have this one too. I’m upgrading ASAP!!!!!!!

  • Ed S

    When I decided to go with a BB, I thought about the 9550, but when I saw the specs and found out it was CDMA and not HSPA it simply made me choose the 9700. It’s a deal-breaker that a fairly new model touchscreen phone isn’t compatible with the current wireless protocols.

  • Charles Chiu

    To everyone commenting about this phone being CDMA and not HSPA.

    I’m pretty sure it’s because this phone is a Verizon exclusive in the States, that’s why RIM only has the CDMA version available.

    Kinda ironic that a Canadian company yields to one States provider and not two Canadian providers. Can’t blame them I guess…

  • T-mobileman

    @ Charles Chiu What the hell does that have to do with anything?

    Besides this Phone was not a big deal at all from what I read this is what the first storm should have been, which means that storm 2 is not really storm 2 but more like storm 1.1