Confirmed: Rogers launching Android Samsung Galaxy Spica


  • Plazmic Flame

    I’ve been hesitant about getting an Android phone here in Canada, just because of the marketplace. We still don’t have access here in Canada, right?

  • theninjasquad

    I’d be hesitant to buy the phone if it ships with v1.5. Who knows how long it is going to take Rogers to update the phone past that.

  • dotster

    Android in the US has the most free-to-paid ratio for apps. I’ve had an Android for 1.5 years and a paid market would be nice, however there’s tons of very good free apps.

    And due to the open nature of Android apps, if you REALLY want a paid app, contact the developers and they sometimes offer alternative payment systems or they are listed on several markets like SlideMe.

    As for the Spica… I think the buttons are ugly. I think the Sony X10 might be the best looking Android phone available in Canada so far. But I would wait, either way, to see what Rogers has done to the OS.

  • Hub

    Remember Rogers cut the service to their Android users because Rogers was pushing on them a broken update, even if some people actually ran a different firmware than the one concerned by the update.

    Just think twice.

  • Insoo An

    os 1.5??

  • Puleen Patel

    Will the Spica be able to do 3G or not? No indication of this anywhere.

    What’s the point if it doesn’t do 3G?

  • J-M Roubos

    “Will the Spica be able to do 3G or not? No indication of this anywhere.

    What’s the point if it doesn’t do 3G?”
    Yes it is 3G.

  • Lexcyn

    Going by Rogers’ track record of Android devices, I would stay away unless they say whether or not they will update this phone. If it is indeed at 1.5, it is such a waste, considering all of the enhancements 1.6 and 2.0, and even 2.1 offer.

  • jeff

    Yes we have access to the marketplace in Canada but only for the free apps, Google is making an announcement soon about paid apps.

  • Jessica MaG

    Any idea of whether or not the Galaxy will support 3G connectivity or will it just be EDGE?

  • Ryan

    Do they have it in black?

  • Bonnie

    I purchased an android galaxy spica from Rogers. They are available in canada and they are 3G….My reason for purchase was to be able to access my emails while on the road…I can get the emails, but no possible way to delete the deletes. I have taken it in to 4 different rogers locations and no one has been able to figure out how to delete them…I have over 300 deleted emails in my trash. I spent over an hour going in and deleting over 100 and when I turned the phone back on…lo and behold they were all back again….No way to stop the spam from coming to the main message centre…Does anyone out there have a solution.