Future Shop puts unreleased Palm Pre as “Available”; confirms price for Touchstone

palm-pre-unreleased-and-confirmedWe could see this coming a few miles away. Our friends over at Future Shop have put the unreleased Palm Pre as available stating “This product is only available in-store” for an outright price of $599.99. In the description they say that “The 3G Palm Pre is here. And it’s available from Bell.” An official public launch date is set for this Thursday, August 27th.

In addition to this goodness, they’ve also confirmed the price for the Palm Touchstone to be $79.99. Best Buy also has this listed for sale currently at the same price. Both do state that it’s “Out of Stock: Will ship when available”. Also, Best Buy has the official Palm Pre Leather Case listed for $49.99. More soon!

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More here at Future Shop
More here at Best Buy

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