Rogers drops price of HTC Magic & Dream to $79.99 on 3/yr plan


  • midtoad

    "If you want to get these on a no contract basis the price still remains the same at $599.99".

    In other words, the price hasn't changed at all. You've just swallowed the Rogers spin hook, line and sinker.

    To be objective, your headline needs to read "Rogers increases 3-year lock-in incentive to $420 on HTC Android phones".

  • Darron

    I hate how they keep dropping the prices of them. I bought mine the day it came out for $150 so then dropping the price twice within the first two months feels like a slap in the face.

  • Michael

    I actually saw it listed in a Rogers Store yesterday for $29.99 now. Gonna be getting one at the end of the month. Who knows at this rate it may be $0 by then.