TELUS changes mobility service terms: “SIM card is not reusable on termination of your service”


  • midtoad

    What's so good about this news, other than it includes the word 'SIM'? What kind of service term is that? Terrible!

    If you let your account lapse for any reason, or terminate your account, you'll have to pay $40 or so all over again to get Telus to give another SIM card. Kiss all your contacts and data goodbye, because Telus won't let you retain them!

  • KenFu75

    Dear midtoad.

    Your contacts will not be lost as you can still copy the contents of the sim onto a new sim. Sim Cards have always been $25, I do not see why they would increase. I am not sure why you cannot reuse them, becuase you can with the Mike system. But assuredly your data is not lost.

  • Gregory

    This could also be for handling of the world phones – my Touch Pro 2 came with a 'non reusable' Telus SIM card for International use

  • rt-mer

    Not reusable and must be destroyed seems to me like their way of removing liability. They just don’t want you to sell your SIM cards on ebay, and by putting that on their terms of use, then they are free to sue you if you make a business out of their cards.

    That doesn’t mean you can’t keep your old SIM card. Most terms of service say the same thing. Do you think that after cancelling your service, someone from Telus is going to come to your house with a flamethrower and destroy your SIM card? There’s a pretty big market for those things online, and that’s what they want to avoid. Especially with the amount of people coming in for the olympics.