700-megahertz Auction in 18 months?

Fresh of making $4.2 billion for the recently completed wireless spectrum auction, Industry Minister, Jim Prentice has gone on record and said: “There is what I refer to as the 700-series bandwidth, there is an auction of that which will happen at some point in the future … as I recall, it’s about 18 months away.”

The 700-megahertz airwaves are more valuable and what Prentice calls “highly prized.”In March, Verizon spent $9.4 billion on 109 licenses and AT&T had 227 licenses for a total of $6.6 billion. Mongo cash for the top 2 players. Similar to Superman, the 700-megahertz airwaves can “cover long distances and more easily penetrate obstacles such as thick walls and buildings” Read the story

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