Telus’ Koodo Mobile VIDEO and price plans


  • Kevin

    1) I don't fully understand what the big deal is about Koodo Mobile. they ACT like they're so HOT! No, they're NOT! Is it worth using them, and saving $10/mo, if their attitude is unacceptable? I'd much rather pay $10 per month, and deal with someone whose attitude I like!

    2) Today I happened to be in the Toronto Eaton Centre, and came across a “Koodo Mobile” kiosk. What's so great about Koodo? Two young guys (presumably both of them Koodo employees) were manning the booth. Both of them appeared arrogant and preoccupied with something. Was it paperwork or a video game they were playing on their computer? I couldn't tell exactly what they were doing, but there were no other customers. I was the only customer/prospective customer at their booth, but they treated me like as if they were doing me a big favor for taking 10-15 seconds of their terribly busy schedule to answer some of my probably very basic questions about getting a Koodo phone, and what their charges would be, should I decide to use Koodo, and if they offer any SIM chips.

    3. I received little or no answers. Instead, what I saw was an attitude of arrogance, contemptuousness, superiority and condescension.

    4. I can see it now that if you sign up with Koodo, you're tied to them, because you cannot use your newly purchased handset with any other wireless telco.

    5. I can also see it now that, if you sign up with Koodo, you're on the TELUS network, which is known for the larges number of dropped phone calls in Toronto (Canada).

    6. I can also see it now that, if you sign up with Koodo, you have no choice; you're forced to charge it all to your Visa or MasterCard, which is no good for privacy. If you charge it, you end up literally publishing your list of your calls, which is no good.

    I hope this helps.

  • Liz

    Don’t understand why anyone bothers to write anything here.
    Regardless of your complaints, the company isn’t interested enough to do anything about them.

    I sent an email to the company regarding a problem I had and never received a reply.

    Stupid because I am now dropping them and will go elsewhere.

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